Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas @ Cypress ... Services & Reminder

Hope to see you TONIGHT at 6:00 pm for the second of seven identical Christmas Eve services at Cypress! 

There will be NO morning service at our Alton Darby campus on Sunday (12/23) but we invite you to attend a special morning service at our Dublin campus at 10 am.  Our Alton Darby Christmas service times for Sunday are: 3:00 & 5:00 pm.

See below for the remainder of our Christmas service times: 

 Christmas Service Times
Alton Darby Campus:
 Saturday, December 22 - 6:00 pm
Sunday, December 23 - 3:00 & 5:00 pm
Monday, December 24 - 3:00, 5:00 & 7:00 pm

Dublin Campus:
 Special Sunday morning service - December 23 - 10 am

Have a blessed Christmas! Pastor Ken

Thursday, December 20, 2012

ONE INVITATION AWAY ... just imagine!

I’m sitting here at Tim Horton’s (between meetings) and I’m amazed at how busy the drive-thru has been with non-stop traffic. All different shapes, models, and colors of cars…some look worn and dull, others are bright and shiny. Of course, I’m describing the cars, but one could say nearly the same thing about the people driving them.  

As I’ve been praying between meetings, my mind has wandered to a simple question. I wonder how many of the people, who have visited this drive-thru in the past hour, have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? How many are in need of hope? How many are in crisis…relationally, physically, financially?

A few of the faces are familiar, however, I realize I don’t know the majority of these people…but, I do know these things are true:
  • Jesus Christ died for every person who has gone through the drive-thru during the past hour.
  • God desires for those of us who believe in and follow Him to share His story so that others may investigate for themselves.
  • Many of these people are ONE INVITATION AWAY from experiencing LIFE like they never imagined!
Keep Praying and Keep Inviting…see you at one of our Christmas services!
Christmas at Cypress:
Friday, December 21 - 7 pm
Saturday, December 22 - 6 pm
Sunday, December 23 - 3 & 5 pm
Monday, December 24 - 3, 5 & 7 pm
A special service at our Dublin campus
Sunday morning, December 23, at 10 am.
Let’s celebrate the greatest gift ever given!
Pastor Ken

Friday, December 14, 2012

Greatest news of all time!

I want you to think of the greatest news you’ve ever received…what was it?
A few possibilities: 

  • It’s a boy / girl!
  • Yes, I will marry you!
  • You got the job!
  • The test results came back normal!
This weekend, we will examine what scripture says is the greatest news of all time. It opens the door for each of us to live a JOY-filled life, right here, right now. If JOY has been a struggle, DO NOT MISS THIS WEEKEND! If you know someone who could use a fresh encounter of JOY, BRING THEM WITH YOU.

The Cypress response to our food drive goal = Mission Accomplished...overwhelming!! I will announce the total and we will celebrate what God is doing, in and through the church, to impact our communities.

See you soon,
Pastor Ken

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Top 10 Reasons to INVITE a Friend to Christmas Eve Service @ Cypress!

  1. If they say…“I don’t normally go to church,” you can say…“Great! You will have lots of company because everyone who doesn’t go to church shows up on Christmas Eve!”
  2. Where else will you hear the Trans-Siberian Orchestra without buying a ticket?
  3. It’s an opportunity to quiet oneself and gain perspective during an extremely busy time of year.
  4. You get to sing along, or at least hum along, to familiar Christmas carolsJ
  5. You will have the opportunity to be a part of changing lives in El Salvador.
  6. “Mary, Did You Know?” by Wilson…you can thank me nowJ
  7. Jingle Jam - a fun “kid-centered” experience after each Christmas Eve Service.
  8. The kids will have an amazing time riding on the hay wagon, from the parking lot to the front door!
  9. You could play a role in helping shape eternity.
  10. By investing and inviting, you are doing your part to honor Christ, the King…the true expression of LOVE, JOY, PEACE, and HOPE!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Don't miss ... Two BIG reasons to be here this weekend!

This is shaping up to be the absolute best Christmas season we’ve ever experienced together at Cypress!  There are two BIG reasons to get here early this weekend:
  1. FOOD DRIVE- Bring your food drive donations, as we express love in a tangible way, to help meet the needs of people in the Dublin, Hilliard, and Westland areas.  Over 250 families will have FOOD TO EAT, this Christmas, because of your generosity
  2. SOCKS & UNDERWEAR ~ not what you want, but what you need… The office got a call this week asking if the socks and underwear donations had to be new or could they be used!  We are not collecting socks and underwear.  If we were, yes, they would need to be new…too funnyJ While preparing for this weekend, I’ve been challenged by a passage of scripture that I’ve never used before during the Christmas season.  Wear your track shoes…we have a lot of ground to cover.  We will never think about the LOVE of Christ, expressed at Christmas, the same way ever again!
Amazing things are planned for the kids this weekend.  We’ll also be celebrating communion, and I’ll be referencing a number one song from 1964…anyone want to take a guess?  I think we may sing it together during the teaching this weekendJ

See you soon,
Pastor Ken

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

'Twas the day before Thanksgiving ... Eight thoughts about Thanksgiving

  1. Thanksgiving seems to have become more “Family & Friends” based than any other holiday. The Murphy agenda revolves around Family, Food, and Football. Take the time to build relationships and memories…sit at the table a little longer…do a fun family outing like going for a walk after everyone’s eaten way too much:)
  2. Speaking of memories…as I’ve talked to my boys about our annual Thanksgiving traditions, it is the LITTLE THINGS that they remember most! Dear Mom and Dad, don’t fret over the table cloth being perfect (nobody remembers a week later!!!) What kids and families do remember is time spent together!
  3. Ok, now I’m on a roll…when you get together with extended family, LOVE ONE ANOTHER. You do not need to make it your personal project to explain why you voted the way you did in the presidential election and why they should have voted the same:) People are not argued into a relationship with Christ; they are loved and served into a relationship.
  4. For some, this will be the first Thanksgiving since the loss of a dear loved one/family member. Give yourself permission to grieve. How grief works is a funny thing. I’ve often said it reminds me of ocean waves…a happy thought or memory…followed by a wave of sadness…followed by another great memory. Remember, death can never steal those great memories. I will be praying for you this Thanksgiving Day. YOU WILL MAKE IT.
  5. I like pecan and pumpkin pie…in moderation of course:)
  6. I can laugh at friends who get up at 3am to stand in long lines in order to save $50 on a purchase.
  7. High school basketball season is right around the corner (my oldest son’s team is very young…it could be a long season, but I still love it)
  8. Two days after Thanksgiving I get to teach the wrap up to our series on personal finance. GIVING THANKS is at the heart of a life well lived in obedience to the author / owner / source of life.
Psalm 106:1 (NLT)
Praise the Lord! Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever.
See you this weekend,
Pastor Ken

Friday, November 16, 2012

Don't miss week 3...boosting the power of personal finance

Have you ever opened the refrigerator door and stared inside?  Have you ever flipped a light switch and when it didn’t turn on, you flipped it again?  Have you ever heard the quote, “Money is Power?”

Food does not “magically” appear in the refrigerator, nor does electricity exist in the switch.  If the “Money is Power” quote is true, then money would allow you to buy happiness, peace, and fulfillment in life…but it can’t.  This week, we are looking at a story where Christ tells us, “The quality of our life and our power for truly living will never consist in the abundance of our stuff.”

Week 3 … boosting the power of personal finance = How do we harness, or tap into, POWER for living from an economic standpoint?

See you soon,
Pastor Ken

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Recently, I’ve been thinking about OPPORTUNITY.  I saw on Facebook where a college roommate of mine (from Oral Roberts University) lost his dad yesterday.  His post described the pain and loss and then, he said, “Tell someone you love them while you still have the opportunity.”

I just finished a business meeting where “opportunities” were discussed for the next wave of ministry and influence, for Christ, through Cypress Church.  I was invited to this meeting by a friend of mine who wanted to share information about an “opportunity.” 

My wife, Serena, was telling me last night about one of those rare, but incredibly rewarding, “life discussions” she had with one of our sons.  She sensed he was ready to talk about stuff and she put aside the housework to take advantage of the “opportunity” to connect with him on a deeper level.

I’m reminded of the verse in Galatians 6:9-10
Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.

Opportunity involves two basic aspects:

1.     Looking for moments to advance the cause near and dear to your heart

2.     Taking a step of action

As we approach the season of Giving Thanks and the Celebration of Christmas, let me encourage you to do a couple of things:

1.     Don’t become so busy with the meaningless details that you miss the opportunity to connect with Christ and others on a deeper level.

2.     Cultivate opportunities to extend simple invitations to friends to experience Cypress…so they may experience Christ in the coming weeks.

What an opportunity!
Pastor Ken

Friday, November 9, 2012

Are you living on "The $ Cliff" ...

Living on the Edge of a Fiscal Cliff

In recent days (post election), it seems our nation’s impending “Fiscal Cliff” is all over the news. January 1 is a rather important date for our nation, financially; a tremendous amount of work needs to be accomplished in Washington before then. Our future financial lives (and our kids’ and grandkids’) will be impacted, one way or another, based on decisions made in our nation’s capital.

All of us live with financial pressure. Statistics show that now, more than any other time in history, there are more Americans living on “The $ Cliff” or “hanging on by a thread,” as they feel themselves sliding over the edge. It is interesting that scripture focuses so much on teaching followers of Christ how to handle money and the “stuff” of this life.

This weekend, we continue our series by diving into a curious story found in Luke 16:10-15

If you are looking for perspective, reinforcement, or direction on living with financial pressure, according to God’s plan…do not miss this weekend.

I believe there will be lives and families transformed because of their response to the Truth of Scripture and the Presence of the Lord!

See you this weekend,

Pastor Ken

Friday, November 2, 2012

What's talked about MORE THAN faith and prayer?

There will always be unlimited opportunities to invest limited resources, which create tension to be managed in life. Husbands and wives rank financial tension as the number one topic for arguments.

Let me ask a question... Why is it that scripture talks about economics, finances, and how we think and interact with the stuff of this world MORE THAN faith and prayer? I believe part of the answer is because Christ knows one of the strongest bonds in all the world is the bond between one’s bank account and one’s heart and mind.

For the next four weeks, we will be looking to scripture to SUPER CHARGE our personal finances, according to principles, from the One who created all that is.

See you this weekend,
Pastor Ken

PS. For those who like to read ahead…check out Luke 16:1-15.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Man Named
Visiting Central Ohio this Weekend

KABOOM! On June 14, 1969 Bob Wieland's life went one way and his legs went another!
That was the day that Bob's legs were BLOWN OFF after stepping on a booby trapped mortar in Vietnam while running to aid his fellow soldiers as a combat medic. Bob's life was changed instantly. He passionately says "I lost both legs, but I didn't lose my heart!"

This Saturday, October 27th @ 6:00pm
Sunday, October 28th 2012 @ 9:30am and 11:15am

Cypress Wesleyan Church – Alton Darby Campus
377 Alton Darby Creek Road Galloway, Ohio 43119

Vietnam veteran Bob “Mr. Inspiration” Wieland will share his
spectacular journey
through life, in celebration of our country, and the sacrifice of our men and women
in the Armed Forces!

Wieland travels to Ohio from Arcadia, California, and is currently on
“Celebrate America Tour” challenging all to do a measure more. On the tour,
he is speaking at high schools, colleges, corporate events, and churches.

While the world is enamored with "Reality TV," Bob Wieland has lived life for real!
As he says, “The Joy has been in the Journey!”

He has lived life on the edge. A rare breed who has experienced seemingly
insurmountable obstacles. He has accomplished incredible achievements that
have inspired others to go onward to "TAKE THE CHALLENGE" to believe
they possess, within themselves, what it takes to be champions in life!

 Bob is an extreme sports enthusiast. He is a four-time world champ in the
bench press with a personal best lift of 507 pounds, former strength coach
with the NFL (Green Bay Packers), and the only double amputee to complete the
grueling Iron Man Triathlon in Hawaii, WITHOUT the use of a wheel chair!

He has also competed in the LA and NYC marathons but Bob's greatest joy is
motivational speaking. Because of his ability to inspire others,
former president, Ronald Reagan, first recognized him as "Mr. Inspiration."

Bob Wieland is especially known for walking across America (ON HIS ARMS) from
LA to DC starting in 1982 and ending in 1986. This was an extreme challenge
that many name as the greatest athletic achievement of all time.

People Magazine has called Bob Wieland one of the SIX most
amazing Americans in the last 20 years!  

Bob’s fighting spirit has been an inspiration to millions around the world!
His life story is being made into a major motion picture and he
continues to challenge others to
"Always remember that it's too soon to quit!"

Friday, October 19, 2012

Healthy FEAR enhancing our lives...

If you’ve ever taken your foot off the gas pedal when you’ve see a police car, or checked your teeth before meeting a person for the first time, then you understand healthy fear (by the way, I have done bothJ). If you’ve ever received a speeding ticket and wished you had been more “cautious,” then you also understand what happens when our healthy fear dissipates to the point it no longer guides good decision making (yes, once again…I speak from experience). 

This weekend, we will look at the clear and STRONG teaching of God’s Word as related to a healthy fear of the Lord and how it is designed to enhance the quality of life we live.

Do you want riches, honor and a long, fulfilled life...then see you this weekend!

Pastor Ken

Proverbs 22:4-5 (NLT)
True humility and fear of the Lord lead to riches, honor, and long life. Corrupt people walk a thorny, treacherous road; whoever values life will avoid it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Don't miss Discovery Seminar!

Looking to take the next step of faith, but not sure what that looks like? Discovery Seminar is a great place to start! I'd love to have you join me for this informational class where I discuss our beliefs, our vision, how to become a member, and how you fit in here at Cypress. Come get your questions answered and Discover God's next step for you! Our next class is Wednesday, October 24, from 6-8:30pm. You can register online- Discovery Seminar

Friday, October 12, 2012

What to do when "IT" happens...

Fear Week 2 … 

When you hit the wall, when you feel yourself walking into your own worst-case scenario...what does scripture say we should do or how do we get over the wall? Some of us are in the midst of “IT” right now. Some of us are just coming out of “IT” and it is still a painful memory. Others feel they are heading into “IT,” and still others have no idea what we are talking about...hang in there and live a little more..“IT” will happen to you one day...FEAR. This weekend we are looking at the Bible to provide us with specific action steps (all of which are our responsibility to take) to work on, in cooperation for the Lord to do His work, so we may defeat fear’s control in our lives. I am also interviewing a guy from Cypress with a fascinating story of facing his greatest fears...the loss of millions, family, and health. This would be a great weekend to extend an invitation and bring a friend to hear how God says we can get over “IT.”

See you soon,
Pastor Ken

Friday, October 5, 2012

FEAR...monsters in monsters in relationships...

Do you have bedtime routines? If you have young kids in the house, I’ll bet you do. I remember what a great day it was in our house when I could simply say, “Go put your PJs on and brush your teeth…” instead of going upstairs to help them get ready for bed. Okay, truth be known, Serena did that far more than I did. Part of my bedtime routine with Peyton, our 8 year old (after we pray and I tuck him in), is turning out the light. However, before I can leave, he stops me with, “Dad, will you make sure the closet door is closed good.” It makes me laugh, but I remember those days as a child…do you? There is often a certain apprehension, anxiety, or fear about the closet door being open. I don’t think it helps that one night his older brother hid in the closet and jumped outJ 

By the time we become adults, the fears that grip and cling to us usually have migrated from monsters in the closets, to monsters that rear their ugly heads in relationships...the fear of not making it financially, the fear of public ridicule, the fear of being alone, or the fear of rejection.

I am convinced this series is going to be not only an encouragement and a help…but I believe the Lord is going to use this time as a life-defining change for many…could you be one…as we learn to conquer the fears that hold us back.

If you know friends who wrestle with fear, extend a simple invitation for them to join you as we learn together how to live life to the full…even in the midst of…FEAR.

See ya soon,
Pastor Ken

Thursday, September 27, 2012

BIG WEEKEND @ Cypress!

Think of the “one time” decisions that changed your life forever. Quit thinking about the negative ones...we all have them; they are called regrets - we can’t go back and redo…but we can seek forgiveness and strive to live better moving forward. Instead, concentrate on the positive decisions…

- The decision to give and take…today, you call that person, best friend
- The decision to major in a field of study…today, its led you to a profession that’s rewarding
- The decision to accept and follow Jesus Christ…it’s everything!

Last Sunday we held our Connection Event lunch for newer people to Cypress. I always ask two basic questions: How did you find your way to Cypress the first time and what has kept you coming back? There are always different reasons a person comes to Cypress the first time vs. why they keep coming back. I asked a particular table my question and a lady replied, “Well, we have our own little Chain Reaction.” She went on to explain a friend invited her to attend service (over 90% of the time, an invite from a friend is the reason someone attends Cypress for the first time!) and how over the weeks that followed, and after her experiences at Cypress, she had started extending that same invitation to her friends and family. Because of her simple INVITATIONS to attend church, there were nearly fifteen people at the same Connection Event with her! One invitation can change a life forever.

This weekend former OSU basketball star, Jay Burson, will be with us to share some of his life story. This is a great opportunity to invite friends to come and check out Cypress. I’m praying, that over the next two months, I will be in a Connection Event and ask someone how they found their way to Cypress and hear, ”Well, my friend (insert your name) invited me to come listen to Jay Burson and I keep coming back because I sense God speaking to my life.” 

WHO can you INVITE to Cypress this weekend?

See you soon,
Pastor Ken

Friday, September 21, 2012

God, Politics & the Church...What is your role in this election?

God, Politics and the Church - week 3. If you are like me, I’m already tired of the commercials and I know there's still more to come. In the midst of all this “stuff” being played out before us on TV, internet, and in coffee shops all over America, what should our role, response, and responsibility be? Great question…this weekend we will explore together what scripture provides as a Great Answer. We will unpack unreal, political advice given during a time in human history when the politics of their day were…well, nearly unimaginable.

Whichever TV ad you cheer for…this weekend is for you! My name is Ken Murphy and I approve this emailJ

See you soon,
Pastor Ken

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Life Lessons from Coaching Pee Wee Football

Many of you know I coach pee wee football in our local community league.  We are three games into the season and I’ve been thinking about our “progress” thus far.  I wonder if there might be some lessons that apply beyond the field of competition.

A couple quick facts:
-        We haven’t scored yet this year
-        I’ve had more kids take themselves out of games and practices than ever before

A few observations:

1.  It is obvious our competition has “scouted” us.  They know where our strong player(s) line up and they know where our weak player(s) line up.  They try to exploit our weaknesses.

v Business often works like this and so does the one who seeks to destroy you!
John 10:10

2.  It takes a “team effort” to be successful.  We have a small number of great players…no matter how “great” they may be…we still haven’t scored this year and, therefore, we haven’t won a game…yetJ

v Are you pulling your weight on all the teams you belong to…marriage, family, business, volunteer stuff, church, etc.?

3.  No matter how “bad” it may seem, there is always hope…we are getting better and I believe we will win a game, or at least score.

v Gotta believe, baby…once you lose the dream that life can and will be better, it’s all over.

4.  We can’t control the other teams, or the refs, but we can control our effort to get better during practice.

v Complaining and pointing fingers gets us nowhere.  At times, you “feel better” about your self-justification for a lack of progress but, ultimately, we are responsible for our own growth and development.

5.  I need to celebrate the little victories (like not jumping offside for an entire game…it hasn’t happened yet, but someday…see # 3)

v Sometimes, the big goals in life are just too big…break them down into smaller, doable, bite-size pieces.

6.  Parental enthusiasm is incredible!  Only a parent would drive their child to practice three times a week, then go to a game and cheer for a team that hasn’t scored yet. 

v A parent’s love must be based on something deeper than performance.  It makes me wonder about God’s love for us and the root of our love for one another.

7.  I thought coaching would be easier than it has been thus far.  I have never coached this young age level before.

v Wow…I didn’t know what I didn’t know!  It’s very different sitting on the sidelines than coaching on the field.  And, just because I’ve coached different sports and different levels doesn’t mean I “knew” what to do at this level.

8.  Our coaching staff is adjusting.  The best coach in the league is one of my “assistants.”  My assistant coach has coached this team’s offense for about twenty four years now…which equals a lot of experience at this level and a huge amount of success year in and year out.  He has adjusted our team to fit our personnel.

v Just because something has “worked” in the past doesn’t mean it will always work in the future…be willing to change and adjust.

9.  It’s one thing to “study patience” and “love your neighbor” in a classroom setting…it’s another thing to be “tested.” 

v Real life is where our belief and actions meet…even during times of challenge.

10. At the end of the day, it’s still pee wee football.  I dare say if we took the “challenges”   of our scoreless football team and stacked them up against the challenges represented on the cancer unit at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, it would help with what’s called “perspective.”

v Be sure you are keeping the “main thing” the “main thing” in your life and your family’s life. 

I will keep you posted on our progress…we play again this Saturday.
Pastor Ken

Friday, September 14, 2012

God, Politics and the Church...What's Week 2 Look Like?

Week two of God, Politics & the Church is almost here. Last weekend, we examined some social issues that are being debated that will impact the future of America...we are at a crossroads as a nation. In week two, we will shift our conversation to economics and equality from a Biblical position and understanding. It’s going to be…well, let’s just say, the word that comes to mind is “interesting” and don't forget our ground rulesJ

Last weekend, at the Alton Darby campus, we celebrated children being dedicated to the Lord in EVERY SERVICE! This weekend, you will hear the celebration of life change, through baptism, in EVERY SERVICE!

This is going to be fun…see ya soon,
Pastor Ken


Friday, September 7, 2012

Kicking off this weekend...God, Politics & the Church...Don't miss it!

I know you are very busy, so I will keep this short and to the point. This series, God, Politics and the Church, is the most important series I’ve ever prepared to teach.

Portions of the teaching in adult worship will discuss topics you may not be ready to explain to your younger children. So, especially this week, I would highly recommend our Cypress kids enjoy the amazing time that’s been prepared for them in Children’s Ministry.

Bring a friend; I think they may be surprised at what they find in church.

Sooo…let’s BUILD THIS and MOVE FORWARD! #GPC2012cwc

See ya soon,
Pastor Ken

Friday, August 31, 2012

What are the Next BIG Things?

I am going to be showing (and talking about) one of my favorite pictures from the Cypress archives this weekend. As a matter of fact, it may have inspired a “Wall of Fame” around here somewhere…yes, Dublin, at ALL of our campusesJ…to “remind us of God’s faithfulness” from generation to generation. Any guesses as to what year my favorite picture was taken?

This weekend is our “State of the Church” address. I will be recapping where we’ve been and looking ahead to the Next BIG Things God is Leading us Toward. I have never been more excited about our future as I am in this season of life. I am enjoying the journey the Lord has us traveling together. This past year has been nothing short of amazing, but the best is still yet to come!

Be “in the know” and “in the loop” this weekend at Cypress as we wrap up our summer series…it’s BIGJ 

See ya soon,
Pastor Ken

Friday, August 24, 2012

Chain Reaction ... are you part of the chain?

I have really enjoyed our current series, Chain Reaction, and I hope you have found value and enjoyment from it as well. I have to tell you, though, from the time this series started as an idea in my head months ago, I’ve been waiting and looking forward to the fourth and final week to get here. I believe this weekend will be one we’ll look back on and realize what an incredibly special service it was…an anchor point for our church and a turning point for countless families and people. As a matter of fact, we are not wrapping up a series, we are empowering and launching the CHURCH…literally, like never before!

The party starts at 6pm on Saturday and 9:30am & 11:15am on Sunday. Be sure to bring the kids…they are going to love it this weekend in Kids Ministry!

See ya soon,
Pastor Ken

Friday, August 17, 2012

How would you define "the good life?"

How would you define “the good life?” Have you ever wondered if there’s a clear proven strategy to tap into a deeper level of satisfaction and well being toward life and others? If so, this weekend is for you. Why do secular surveys indicate 50% of all workers find low satisfaction in their employment? There is one dominate reason and we’ll be looking to scripture to determine how we find it….What is it?

See you this weekend as we dive in and find out,
Pastor Ken

PS. Celebrating baptism…VBS kids helping lead worship…get here early for a good seat J This would be a great weekend to invite a friend.

Friday, August 10, 2012

You will never believe what I'm bringing this weekend...

Team Cypress,

This weekend, we continue our series, CHAIN REACTION.  Last week, I brought Dominos; you will never believe what I am bringing this week…I promise, it’s BIG…like eight feet tall big!  No, it’s not Goliath, but its construction did include several 16 pound bowling balls!  For those of you who normally sit in the front row, be sure to stay alert this weekendJ

In preparation for this weekend, God has shown me things in scripture that I believe will change lives not only for this coming year, but for eternity.  The Lord is being gracious to us in an unprecedented way in this season of life at Cypress.  I really don’t want you to miss out on what the Lord desires to do in your life and in your family’s lives.

See ya this weekend,
Pastor Ken

Monday, August 6, 2012

A dream of mine has always been...

A dream of mine has always been for Cypress to be a teaching church…

This summer, we welcomed our first interns into our Next Wave Internship Program and, now, I’m pleased to announce that Kathy George, Cypress Children’s Ministry Director, has been named Director of Children’s Ministry for The Wesleyan Church.  Kathy is not leaving Cypress but will be using her talents to help lead staff across the entire Wesleyan denomination.  We are blessed to have Kathy and The Wesleyan Church will be blessed by the ideas, training, and leadership coming through her and Cypress.

A Chain Reaction is occurring…internship program, leadership development…more and more, it’s happening!

Click Here to read The Wesleyan Church's story about Kathy.

Have a great week!
Pastor Ken

Friday, August 3, 2012

What's Chain Reaction all about?

There is a big difference between speaking and delivering a message. I have a message to “deliver” this weekend at Cypress. We are launching a new series called, Chain Reaction. If you have ever wondered about the main thing in life, the role of the church, the role of the people, or the mission that lies ahead of us in the coming days…don’t miss this weekend. This would be a great time to bring a friend who wants to be a part of something BIG. They will have the opportunity to give their life to a cause greater than anything this world has to offer.

I love the church…and I’m particularly fond of Cypress!

I’ve been pumped for this weekend since Tuesday…see you soon!

Pastor Ken

Friday, July 6, 2012

I'm looking forward to a great weekend!

If you are anything like me, you've been a little "off" this past week. Because July 4th was in the middle of the week, sometimes it felt like it was the weekend. Then, I would get nervous, thinking I had missed church!

I hope you had a fun and safe celebration with family and friends. The good is Friday and not only is the weekend coming, but great worship opportunities are on the way Saturday night and Sunday morning!

If you would like to read ahead, read 2 Kings chapter 5. It’s a fascinating story where we can all find ourselves in the cast of characters.  Here is one final thought as we prepare: Miracles are often in the mundane AND rarely do they occur the way we expect!

See you soon,
Pastor Ken

Monday, July 2, 2012

Top 10 Reflections & Highlights from Biker Weekend...

1.  The Value of Great Leadership & a Great Team:  If you want to do something small with little impact…do it yourself.  If you want to be a part of something BIG, with BIG ETERNAL IMPACT…gather a great team!  Dwayne Cochran and his team, Bikers for Christ, did an amazing job. Thank you!

2.  So PROUD of the Love and Generosity you exhibited to support Angels of East Africa...just over $28,000 was given to support this ministry!

3.  There was a huge response of people, at every service, committing to seek Christ to change their lives!

4.  Amazed, once again, at what God can do with one life surrendered to him, no matter what one’s background might be.

5.  Reminded, once again, not to judge a book by its cover.  Equally surprised to see “young kids in skinny jeans” leading worship, via bluegrass, as “bikers who look like they could kill you” worshiping Jesus with arms lifted high to heaven.

6.  The power of an invitation at work…I’ve heard several stories of Cypress people who invited friends…they came, they heard, they accepted Jesus into their lives!  Thank you for INVITING!

7.  An unreal, huge, BIG, over the top THANKS to all of our Children’s Ministry volunteers who “rolled with the flow,” especially at the 11:15am service.  We try very hard to keep our service times to one hour (out of respect for our people, volunteers, and especially our guests).  Funny side note…sports is about the only arena where people get excited for “over time”  I have not heard one complaint from our volunteers who pulled a “DOUBLE OVERTIME” as ETERNAL WORK was being accomplished, by Christ, through our GUEST SPEAKER!

8.  I’m always impressed by the power of advance planning…not just the leadership and teamwork, but all the food that was purchased, all the preparations, t-shirts, door prizes, advertising, etc…advance planning pays off.

9.  It’s always great to see record, near “standing room only,” crowds…especially in response to #3 and then #2.

10. The biker ride was really fun, even though Serena and I had to cut ours short for Peyton’s last baseball game of the summer!

Basking in the Beauty of God’s Goodness today…have a safe and fun July 4th!
See you this weekend….It’s BIG!

Pastor Ken

Friday, June 29, 2012

An amazing story of an unbelievable journey...

You don't want to miss Sam Childers, aka The Machine Gun Preacher, 
sharing his incredible story of an unexpected calling.

Friday, June 22, 2012

By your faith Cypress, it is becoming a reality...

Hebrews 11:1  Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

It was believing without seeing…our church exercised faith to help find a way for 2,000 children to receive three meals a day and an education. By faith, it is becoming a reality…

From the Front Lines…
a report from the Peru Mission Team:

Went to the farm yesterday…Wow! They have an amazing plan to use the land. Amazing to walk through the land that a church in Galloway, Ohio purchased…Incredible! We had the privilege of going to the soup kitchen grand opening today…Unbelievable! The gift of Cypress is truly changing the landscape of Ayacucho, Peru!

And...This Weekend! 
Dave Bever will be speaking to us about claiming victory in the little things and the BIG things through living by faith.

See you soon,
Pastor Ken

Monday, June 18, 2012

Keeping Cypress Updated...

Hope your summer is going great so far!  Last week, I sent a fiscal year-end letter to all the families in our database.  If you did not receive a letter, we may not have your correct information in our system.  Feel free to email your name and correct address so we can update our system -  See copy of letter below:
Dear Team Cypress,

As our church’s fiscal year has come to an end (May 31), I want to take the opportunity to give you an “annual ministry update.”  So many great things have happened during the past year.  I feel like Paul when he wrote, “I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.” 

Last June, our Cypress family averaged just over 2,300 people in attendance.  This May, we averaged over 3,200.  Each number represents a person, a member of a family, hope, and life-change in process!  Our ministry income has increased by 10%.  We’ve added one new staff member, Dave Bever, to be our first Multi-Site Campus Pastor.  Our Dublin Campus, opening this October, is the first of several multi-site campuses we will launch.  We reached beyond our own walls to an orphanage in Ayacucho, Peru, and purchased 65 acres to create a self-sustaining farm, providing three meals a day plus an education to over 2,000 children.  We also sent a medical/construction mission team, led by Dr. Rob Pema, to minister to the physical needs of hundreds in San Salvador, El Salvador.  In October, Team Cypress donated over 1,250 winter coats to the needy right here in our own city. 

There have been countless stories of life transformation shared each month through baptism.  However, the most important story this past year is "your" story.  I pray that God has blessed you in many ways to encourage, strengthen, and sustain your life journey. 

As we look forward to the coming year, let me give you four summer challenges:

1. Stay faithful in weekend worship.  Summer is a change of pace for many with school being out, family vacations, etc., but it is a great time to stay faithful in worship as well!
2. When you are out of town, be sure to stay in touch online, www.thecwc.netWorship and sermon teachings are available to help you stay connected and growing.
3. Before you go on vacation, be sure to offer your tithe.  Warning: from personal experience…if we take our tithe (God’s portion of our income) with us on vacation, we will be tempted to spend money that does not   belong to us.  For your convenience, you can give online and also check your current giving record,  In July, you will be receiving a semi-annual giving summary for 2012.  Please be assured that we, who work at Cypress Wesleyan, deeply appreciate your financial faithfulness to the Lord’s work.
4. Keep Cypress on your radar all summer long...
· Father’s Day Weekend (June 16/17) ~ Back by popular demand…the mechanical bull!  Also, enjoy the fun of a baseball pitching machine and homemade ice cream!

· July 4th Weekend ~ Biker Weekend with special speaker, Sam Childers, “The Machine Gun Preacher.”  Sam will share his incredible story of obedience and bravery as he stands and fights for the rights of children in Southern Sudan.

· In August ~ “BIG SUMMER SPLASH” (VBS).  As kids explore the wonders of the beach, they’ll also discover the Big Answers to their Big Questions about Jesus. 

As you can see, we’re going to experience a wonderful part of our life journey this summer.  I’m so glad God has brought us together for this season of our lives.

Your Pastor and Friend,