Friday, September 21, 2012

God, Politics & the Church...What is your role in this election?

God, Politics and the Church - week 3. If you are like me, I’m already tired of the commercials and I know there's still more to come. In the midst of all this “stuff” being played out before us on TV, internet, and in coffee shops all over America, what should our role, response, and responsibility be? Great question…this weekend we will explore together what scripture provides as a Great Answer. We will unpack unreal, political advice given during a time in human history when the politics of their day were…well, nearly unimaginable.

Whichever TV ad you cheer for…this weekend is for you! My name is Ken Murphy and I approve this emailJ

See you soon,
Pastor Ken

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  1. You and the Cypress staff are in our prayers, as we prepare to receive week 3 of this series. Thank you for not only facing this topic, but taking it head on. My family is proud to belong with a church which tackles this issue and provided a scriptural basis for the discussion. You have our "vote" and full support.