Friday, December 7, 2012

Don't miss ... Two BIG reasons to be here this weekend!

This is shaping up to be the absolute best Christmas season we’ve ever experienced together at Cypress!  There are two BIG reasons to get here early this weekend:
  1. FOOD DRIVE- Bring your food drive donations, as we express love in a tangible way, to help meet the needs of people in the Dublin, Hilliard, and Westland areas.  Over 250 families will have FOOD TO EAT, this Christmas, because of your generosity
  2. SOCKS & UNDERWEAR ~ not what you want, but what you need… The office got a call this week asking if the socks and underwear donations had to be new or could they be used!  We are not collecting socks and underwear.  If we were, yes, they would need to be new…too funnyJ While preparing for this weekend, I’ve been challenged by a passage of scripture that I’ve never used before during the Christmas season.  Wear your track shoes…we have a lot of ground to cover.  We will never think about the LOVE of Christ, expressed at Christmas, the same way ever again!
Amazing things are planned for the kids this weekend.  We’ll also be celebrating communion, and I’ll be referencing a number one song from 1964…anyone want to take a guess?  I think we may sing it together during the teaching this weekendJ

See you soon,
Pastor Ken

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