Friday, February 22, 2013

What Does a Man Want?

Foreigner had a hit song in 1977 called Cold as Ice. This song tells the story of a woman who was willing to sacrifice her love knowing, more than likely, one day she would pay a price. In light of our ice storm, it seemed fitting to reference this song by Foreigner or Ice, Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice…I believe I made the correct choice:)

This weekend, you will have an opportunity to participate during the close of our series, Great SEXpectations. We wrap up this series by looking at What a Man Wants and I have something special planned for our grand finale. I have been praying for weeks and believe, to the core of my being, that this weekend will be life-altering for many.  They will look back to this weekend as a defining point in their life. I think many will say, “I experienced the healing touch of Christ that weekend.” I want you to experience it…come praying, come expecting.

One day, this weather will change. You and I can’t really do anything about it; in the meantime, we simply need to adjust to it. IN YOUR LIFE…YOU CAN DECIDE whether to live in winter or strive to feel the warmth of summer as the sun shines brightly over you!

PLUS…Special announcement this weekend!

These are great days and…IT’S A SNOW DAY!!

See you this weekend,
Pastor Ken

Friday, February 15, 2013

Where No Man Has Gone Before...unraveling the secrets of the female mind...

Dear Cypress,

SHORT VERSION = My wife, Serena, and I are sharing a little bit of our journey with you this weekend. I can hardly wait to dive into everything we’ve been working on over the last few days.

LONG VERSION = In my planning for week three of our Great SEXpectations series, my spiritual gift of discernment kicked into overdrive as I came to the realization that I might be in over my head on this one…I NEED HELP! Week three is all about unraveling the secrets of the female mind…what does she really mean? After Serena agreed that I needed assistance with this one, I quoted Genesis 2:18 and asked her for HELP! Serena said yes and, after I tweeted she was going to be “our guest speaker,” she was locked in:)

Seriously, I am really looking forward to this weekend. We have been married more than 20 years and I am still “learning” about the female mind. Serena will share some of the discoveries she has made along her own journey. I believe this weekend’s service (and message) will be a great encouragement to all women, no matter what their current relational status may be. I know the men will be reminded and enlightened, as I was, about the uniqueness of the female mind.

This would be a great weekend to invite a friend…go ahead and take the risk.

See ya soon,
Ken … and Serena

Friday, February 8, 2013

An insightful look at a Milestone Weekend here @Cypress from our Technical Director, Nathan Wurschmidt

We measure our lives in milestones... 

Some milestones are good, others bad, but one thing is certain... milestones mold us into who we are and who we become. Milestones change our lives forever. Many of these milestones are very personal... weddings, births, job changes, or personal decisions for Christ. Working in the church, and doing a lot of interviews, I have the awesome opportunity to see many milestones in people's lives and have conversations with a lot of our team members about those very milestones... conversations about the events that shape their lives.

The life of the church is the same in that it often can be measured by milestones. In the past 11 odd years that I have led the video team (and especially the last 8 being on staff and leading the entire tech team) I've been able to watch this place change and grow dramatically. It seems like just yesterday that we were in the midst of a construction project to build the space in which we now worship every single weekend. It truly has been amazing how much has changed and how many lives have been affected through the ministries in this place called Cypress.

This weekend marks another milestone in the life of this church. We are starting our additional service on Sunday morning. It would be easy to view this as simply another option for worship but it is much much more than that. With another service time, we have space available for another 1200+ people worshipping an ALMIGHTY GOD on the weekend. That's 1200+ people who may or may not know Christ right now. 1200+ people who are experiencing various milestones in their own lives... some of them good, others bad... but they are being molded and changed forever. 1200+ people who may eventually reach a milestone in their own lives where they turn everything over to Christ and become a follower of HIM.

Who are those 1200+? Your neighbor? Your friend? Your family member? Wife? Husband? Son? Daughter? Whoever they are, we will stand beside them no matter what milestone they are currently facing and open up space to provide opportunity for them to reach the ultimate milestone in a relationship with Christ. Many of those who are closest to us may very well be those who benefit from and are shaped by a milestone that we help create. 

Thank you for being a part of the team and for serving to create what we do on the weekend. Thank you for helping to create milestones in the lives of those who call this place "home" and thank you for being a part of a ministry that will be creating space for those who have not yet found Cypress... and much more importantly, for those who have not yet found CHRIST. 

Yes, we are in the business of creating milestones...
and GOD is working through us. 

Nathan Wurschmidt
Cypress Church Alton Darby

How far is too far?

This weekend, we jump into week two of our current series, Great SEXpectations. We’ll be asking the questions…“How far is too far?”…“Where should I draw the line?”

Yes, I am bringing back the ROPE this weekend, and I may even add a FIRE PIT to really get the passions burning! We are tackling real issues (sex & intimacy) we all face in life and society every day by looking to scripture for clear teaching on how to think and live.

It’s going to be a great weekend!

Pastor Ken

PS. Kid’s Ministry is a great option again this weekend, as we “dive a little deeper.” Parents tell us all the time, once their kids tried Kid’s Ministry, THEY LOVED IT! Don’t let your kids miss out on the COOL, FUN THINGS they get to DO and LEARN every weekend!

Friday, February 1, 2013

According to research, 45% of teenagers rely on their parents to teach them about...

A 2011 study revealed that 45% of teenagers rely on their parents to teach them about sexuality. The same study also revealed that 78% of parents assume their kids will turn to other sources to learn about sexual issues. 

My question: Where do most people (single, dating, married) form their grid for thinking and living when it comes to SEX, LOVE, LIFE and RELATIONSHIPS?

I read, in preparation for this series, that our society has never been more “sexual,” yet the data indicates never has there been less “sexual satisfaction” either. There is an obvious disconnect between God’s original plan and idea versus what popular society would preach as the pathway to pleasure and intimacy.

This will be fun,
Pastor Ken

PS. This is a great month for your child to visit Children’s Ministry. Our children’s staff and volunteers will be ready to help your child experience an amazing hour of Christ‘s love and plan for their life…in a fun, age-appropriate way.