Thursday, September 27, 2012

BIG WEEKEND @ Cypress!

Think of the “one time” decisions that changed your life forever. Quit thinking about the negative ones...we all have them; they are called regrets - we can’t go back and redo…but we can seek forgiveness and strive to live better moving forward. Instead, concentrate on the positive decisions…

- The decision to give and take…today, you call that person, best friend
- The decision to major in a field of study…today, its led you to a profession that’s rewarding
- The decision to accept and follow Jesus Christ…it’s everything!

Last Sunday we held our Connection Event lunch for newer people to Cypress. I always ask two basic questions: How did you find your way to Cypress the first time and what has kept you coming back? There are always different reasons a person comes to Cypress the first time vs. why they keep coming back. I asked a particular table my question and a lady replied, “Well, we have our own little Chain Reaction.” She went on to explain a friend invited her to attend service (over 90% of the time, an invite from a friend is the reason someone attends Cypress for the first time!) and how over the weeks that followed, and after her experiences at Cypress, she had started extending that same invitation to her friends and family. Because of her simple INVITATIONS to attend church, there were nearly fifteen people at the same Connection Event with her! One invitation can change a life forever.

This weekend former OSU basketball star, Jay Burson, will be with us to share some of his life story. This is a great opportunity to invite friends to come and check out Cypress. I’m praying, that over the next two months, I will be in a Connection Event and ask someone how they found their way to Cypress and hear, ”Well, my friend (insert your name) invited me to come listen to Jay Burson and I keep coming back because I sense God speaking to my life.” 

WHO can you INVITE to Cypress this weekend?

See you soon,
Pastor Ken

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