Friday, June 28, 2013

Let's Take a Walk This Weekend...

During a person’s lifetime, there are several significant walks they may take:
     Crossing a stage in cap and gown…
     Down an aisle to pledge a promise…
     Down a hallway to welcome the newest member of a family…
     Going back to the house as your son/daughter drives away for the first
     Returning home after “unpacking” that same son/daughter at college…
     Down a different aisle to say a final goodbye to someone you dearly loved…

Christ had several significant and memorable walks as well:
     As a young boy, to Jerusalem for Passover…
     As a man, to Jerusalem for the last time to celebrate Passover…
     From an upper room…to a garden…to a mock trial…to the path that would
     lead through the streets of Jerusalem…to a hill, just outside of town, that
     would mark the end…which was really “the beginning.”

This weekend, you will have the opportunity to take a “walk.” I’ve been praying it will be both significant and memorable.

I can hardly wait to worship with you this weekend,
Pastor Ken 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Can a Dad Have Growth Spurts?

My middle son, Mac, turns 14 this weekend. During the last two months, it seems like he has hit a growth spurt that is obvious from one day to the next. At dinner last night, we were talking about how Mac is growing and changing so quickly, when Peyton (our youngest son, age 9), looked at me and said, “Dad you are changing, too.” I looked at Peyton and asked him how, or in what ways, I was changing, and then I held my breath for his answer.

In those few seconds between question and answer, my mind raced. I easily thought of all the ways I wish I had changed, but haven’t. I thought of other areas where I was doing well (but things have changed) and hoped he hadn’t noticed. I found myself becoming increasingly nervous to hear his answer. I began to wonder – do they really know my thoughts…the things I struggle with…the things I long for? What seemed like days, in all likelihood, was a matter of seconds. By this time, Peyton had captured the attention of the entire table and we all were waiting for his answer of “how dad had changed.”

Then, Peyton gave his answer…“Your face and hair have changed a lot.”

As a dad, I long to grow in God’s Favor on my life and my family, from year to year. I would love to find myself in the midst of a “growth spurt” when it comes to fatherhood!

This weekend we celebrate Father’s Day. I’m going to dig deeper than hair styles or body shapes, as we attempt to discover the Biblical key to being an “All Pro Dad.” The Best News of all…each and every one of us dads is capable of being an “All Pro Dad!”

See you this weekend,

Friday, June 7, 2013

Reliving the Stories of God's Faithfulness and Mighty Acts...

Have you ever played the “Do you remember when game?” Our family often plays this game as we recall fun times from years gone by. Going down the stairs to our basement are pictures from vacations through the years…a constant reminder of family.

This weekend, we are taking a look back at the supernatural, God-blessed year we’ve shared together within our Cypress family. In recent years, the Lord has poured His favor upon us in a way that the only appropriate response is…“Thank You, Lord!” We are in the midst of a mighty movement of the Lord that ONLY GOD could produce!

Come relive the story of God’s faithfulness and mighty acts, as we give Him thanks and praise!

I’ve heard this before, and it is just as true today as it was a couple thousand years ago… “There is nothing like the local church when the local church is working right!”

See you soon,
Pastor Ken