Friday, August 31, 2012

What are the Next BIG Things?

I am going to be showing (and talking about) one of my favorite pictures from the Cypress archives this weekend. As a matter of fact, it may have inspired a “Wall of Fame” around here somewhere…yes, Dublin, at ALL of our campusesJ…to “remind us of God’s faithfulness” from generation to generation. Any guesses as to what year my favorite picture was taken?

This weekend is our “State of the Church” address. I will be recapping where we’ve been and looking ahead to the Next BIG Things God is Leading us Toward. I have never been more excited about our future as I am in this season of life. I am enjoying the journey the Lord has us traveling together. This past year has been nothing short of amazing, but the best is still yet to come!

Be “in the know” and “in the loop” this weekend at Cypress as we wrap up our summer series…it’s BIGJ 

See ya soon,
Pastor Ken

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