Friday, September 27, 2013

"Playing Through" the Pain...

In the last week two of our sons sustained football-related injuries. Serena and I are taking Peyton to the orthopedic doctor today, as the first x-rays (from last week) indicated a possible fracture in his knee. He has since been on crutches and in a leg brace. Last night while watching Mac’s freshman game, he suffered a hit and I knew his arm was hurting from a “stinger.” Mac was in pain most of the night and could not lift his arm. He will be following-up with the team doctor today.

As a parent, there is little pain that compares to seeing your child hurt. Some pain is unavoidable…while other forms of pain are simply part of life and growing up. The pain of rejection, regret, remorse is universal. As I was watching my son “play through” the pain on the field last night, my stomach ached. I began to wonder if it’s similar to how our Heavenly Father feels, from the perspective of heaven, as he watches us “play through” the hard times / pain that life and, even at times, family brings our way.

On this final weekend of our Family & Parenting series, I will be sharing one of the most important Biblical principles to help us get through those painful times of life.

See you soon,
Pastor Ken

PS. In addition to a special time of response at the end, we will be “doing something special for one…what we wish we could do for everyone,” in each service!


Friday, September 20, 2013

What are My Top Parenting Mistakes?

As Serena and I finish our preparation for this weekend, I believe this will be one of the most practical and encouraging talks I/we have ever presented. Granted, the last talk we gave together was about sex so…it seems only natural that we’re talking about parenting this time.

We will be sharing some of our top parenting mistakes and stories (we are still negotiating about which ones to tell and which should remain anonymous:), along with some of the key principles we are learning and have observed in others we respect. There will be something for all of us to learn as we take another step on this journey called FAMILY. This would be a GREAT weekend to BRING FRIENDS to check out Cypress.

Here are a few easy ways (and one ridiculous way) to extend the invitation:

a. Use the EVITE on the web at
b. Start a fire and attempt smoke signals, hoping your friend sees them:)
c. Pick up your cell phone and call or text them
d. IF YOU ARE AMBITIOUS…smile, look them in the eyes and say, “Hey, I’d love for you to come to church with me this weekend. They are talking about parenting and I think…
     - you could use some help in your parenting skills:)
     - you would like it.
     - you and your family would really enjoy it. I’d love for you to be my guest.”
       (Choose whichever seems appropriate for your friend:)

ONE chair … ONE invitation … ONE life/family changed forever … thank you for doing your part!

See you soon,
Pastor Ken

Friday, September 13, 2013

Do you have a Hunger and Thirst at your house?

Certain Cultures Produce Certain Results. What does this statement actually mean?

In the NFL, the New England Patriots have earned the reputation for handling their business in “The Patriot Way.” Certain players fit the system and culture of the Patriots and others do not. I was speaking with the men’s head basketball coach at Indiana Wesleyan University this past week and he said, “We have passed on a couple of highly talented players because we were not sure they would fit the culture we are creating in the men’s basketball family at IWU. We will protect our culture at all costs, even if it means passing on a high-star prospect.” Chick-fil-A is another company that has created a culture of customer service that is second to none. And there are other examples of businesses, schools, athletic teams, and YES, EVEN HOMES, where a certain culture is developed.

This weekend at Cypress, we are talking about how to identify, possibly tweak or change, and then enhance the culture of your family and home. What does scripture say about creating a spiritual culture (hunger and thirst) for “right living” in the home?

There is HOPE for the FAMILY…see ya soon,
Pastor Ken


Friday, September 6, 2013

A Family Life and Relationship Warning...Duck Style...

I don’t fly often but when I do, they always say, “In the unexpected event of air turbulence…” and then go on to explain what you should do.

I think marriage, parenting and family life should come with a similar warning. A FAMILY LIFE AND RELATIONSHIP WARNING may read something like this…“You WILL encounter conflict in your marriage, parenting, relationship with parents, relationship with siblings, extended family, and especially in-laws. At times, this conflict may be UNEXPECTED…at other times, YOU SHOULD SEE IT COMING. You may want to learn the TOOLS necessary to learn how to manage the conflict because it will be a constant companion, but it doesn’t have to steal your peace…YES, EVEN IN THE HOME.”

You don’t have to “give in” and believe this is the way things are always going to be. Come ready to learn, and then apply, as we study what scripture has to say about Winning the War of all that combats PEACE in our most meaningful relationships…FAMILY!

We kickoff our Family & Parenting…Duck Style series so we can take another step toward “WINNING AT HOME” (borrowed from a friend “up north”).

See you soon,
Pastor Ken