Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter Thoughts & Recap

Ø  There were first-time decisions for Christ in every service, at every campus! Never forget our main thing is seeing people come to Christ in a personal relationship and then taking steps to walk and grow to become more like Him. It all starts with a decision to become a follower of Christ!

Since this past weekend, I can’t stop singing (in my head) I ran out of that grave!

Ø  We could not have served over 8,000 people without all of our AMAZING VOLUNTEERS! Thank you for serving in such a way you helped shape eternity.

Ø  We all have a Next Step to take. As incredible as last weekend was, today is a new day and God has new things in store for us to experience with Him. Sometimes memories haunt us and sometimes memories hold us back because they were so good. Take steps to heal from the hurts and allow the good memories, like last weekend, to propel you to take the steps that need to be taken on your journey.

Ø  I invited a friend and he didn’t make it. It’s ok. I care about him and I will continue to pray for him, and love and build the relationship.

Ø  We get to celebrate all over again in a matter of days! Every day we live in the hope and power of the empty tomb.

Ø  There were a bunch of people who came to church who had no response to the message of Christ’s love. It’s ok…keep loving and encouraging them to return. Trust God’s perfect timing. It may take more faith on your part than theirs.

Ø  I still can’t get over God’s Amazing and Relentless Love for us! There really is nothing else like it in the entire world. I am thankful for all of you who have committed your life to grow in His love and to share it so freely with those in our world who have yet to personally encounter it. 

Pastor Ken