Friday, October 25, 2013

How do you defeat JEALOUSY?

This weekend, we wrap up our series, Toxic…emotions that slowly kill from the inside out. I believe this final weekend holds the power and potential to not only be the most significant of the four weeks, but I am praying many lives will be forever different as a result.
Every person has sensed that twinge of jealousy when someone else exhibits something we wish we had, but don’t. Sometimes we give into jealousy and envy; at other times, we fight it. This weekend, we will look at the game plan Scripture provides to defeat it.
Two other reminders I want to pass along:
  1. Tonight is Ladies Night at our Alton Darby Campus! RELAX & RECLAIM is a special night just for ladies. World renowned blogger and Christian writer, Rachel Wojnarowski (who also ATTENDS CYPRESS), is our guest speaker. Ladies, there is still time to experience this amazing night…come make friends and Relax & Reclaim! (
  2. We celebrate communion at both campuses, during all services, this weekend. It’s always special…come expecting.
See you soon,
Pastor Ken

Friday, October 18, 2013

How GREEDY are you?

There are some sins in life that are much easier to spot in others than in ourselves. This weekend, we continue our series, TOXICemotions that kill from the inside out… by looking at the devastating effects GREED can have on life and relationships.

Greed is slippery. Greed often masks itself as being ultra “spiritual.” Greed is also very similar to anger...there is often a story from our past associated with its starting point in our life.

The good news…we are not alone. Scripture is full of people who struggled with greed from the beginning of time. The best news…Christ again provides clear teaching on the steps we need to take to break free from this deadly toxin. He provides His promise to walk with us each day as we continue to journey to become the people He designed us to be.

We live in a consumer-driven culture that thrives on fueling greed. Come this weekend and learn how to live in this world, but not be tied to it.

Can’t wait to worship with you,
Pastor Ken

Friday, October 11, 2013

What is the Cure for ANGER?

Week two of our TOXIC series kicks off in a big way. If there is someone you’ve been thinking about inviting, this is the weekend to get them to Cypress! Scotty K, one of the funniest comedians I’ve ever heard, will be with us – to make us laugh and share a bit of his incredible life-story and journey of faith. It’s yet another testament that you can never wander too far where God’s Grace cannot redeem! We are also going to be talking about how we combat ANGER. In order to defeat anger, we need to be able to identify the cause/source. Often times, angry people are hurting people and there is only one cure. Thank goodness the Bible provides a clear path to freedom!

And don’t forget…this Sunday night, Cypress is hosting A Night of Comedy & Worship at our Alton Darby campus. Scotty K will be the opening act, presenting his comedy, and then we’ll be recording a LIVE WORSHIP CD!

While the adults are enjoying themselves in the worship center, the kids will be having a blast, too. They will enjoy games, activities and worship (prepared by our incredible kids team) as well as their own special guest, who will connect with them in an awesome way! This is another easy invite…fun for the entire family. 

Sunday night is a free event, but you may want to get here early for a great seat.
A Night of Comedy & Worship ~ 6:00pm (doors open at 5:40pm)

See you soon,

Friday, October 4, 2013

Do you have a friend who needs to hear this?

Do you ever struggle with feelings of guilt?
Do you ever feel like you “confess” something…only to do it again the next day?
Do you ever feel like you’re not “good enough” for the future because of your past?
Yeah, me neither J  BUT…OUR FRIENDS MIGHT relate and appreciate what we are talking about this weekend as we kick off a new sermon series called, TOXIC…dealing with Guilt, Anger, Greed & Jealousy.  Week One: How do we deal with GUILT?

This would be a great weekend to get back into church and bring friends. I can hardly wait to celebrate with you.

Pastor Ken