Thursday, December 20, 2012

ONE INVITATION AWAY ... just imagine!

I’m sitting here at Tim Horton’s (between meetings) and I’m amazed at how busy the drive-thru has been with non-stop traffic. All different shapes, models, and colors of cars…some look worn and dull, others are bright and shiny. Of course, I’m describing the cars, but one could say nearly the same thing about the people driving them.  

As I’ve been praying between meetings, my mind has wandered to a simple question. I wonder how many of the people, who have visited this drive-thru in the past hour, have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? How many are in need of hope? How many are in crisis…relationally, physically, financially?

A few of the faces are familiar, however, I realize I don’t know the majority of these people…but, I do know these things are true:
  • Jesus Christ died for every person who has gone through the drive-thru during the past hour.
  • God desires for those of us who believe in and follow Him to share His story so that others may investigate for themselves.
  • Many of these people are ONE INVITATION AWAY from experiencing LIFE like they never imagined!
Keep Praying and Keep Inviting…see you at one of our Christmas services!
Christmas at Cypress:
Friday, December 21 - 7 pm
Saturday, December 22 - 6 pm
Sunday, December 23 - 3 & 5 pm
Monday, December 24 - 3, 5 & 7 pm
A special service at our Dublin campus
Sunday morning, December 23, at 10 am.
Let’s celebrate the greatest gift ever given!
Pastor Ken

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