Friday, October 12, 2012

What to do when "IT" happens...

Fear Week 2 … 

When you hit the wall, when you feel yourself walking into your own worst-case scenario...what does scripture say we should do or how do we get over the wall? Some of us are in the midst of “IT” right now. Some of us are just coming out of “IT” and it is still a painful memory. Others feel they are heading into “IT,” and still others have no idea what we are talking about...hang in there and live a little more..“IT” will happen to you one day...FEAR. This weekend we are looking at the Bible to provide us with specific action steps (all of which are our responsibility to take) to work on, in cooperation for the Lord to do His work, so we may defeat fear’s control in our lives. I am also interviewing a guy from Cypress with a fascinating story of facing his greatest fears...the loss of millions, family, and health. This would be a great weekend to extend an invitation and bring a friend to hear how God says we can get over “IT.”

See you soon,
Pastor Ken

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