Friday, November 9, 2012

Are you living on "The $ Cliff" ...

Living on the Edge of a Fiscal Cliff

In recent days (post election), it seems our nation’s impending “Fiscal Cliff” is all over the news. January 1 is a rather important date for our nation, financially; a tremendous amount of work needs to be accomplished in Washington before then. Our future financial lives (and our kids’ and grandkids’) will be impacted, one way or another, based on decisions made in our nation’s capital.

All of us live with financial pressure. Statistics show that now, more than any other time in history, there are more Americans living on “The $ Cliff” or “hanging on by a thread,” as they feel themselves sliding over the edge. It is interesting that scripture focuses so much on teaching followers of Christ how to handle money and the “stuff” of this life.

This weekend, we continue our series by diving into a curious story found in Luke 16:10-15

If you are looking for perspective, reinforcement, or direction on living with financial pressure, according to God’s plan…do not miss this weekend.

I believe there will be lives and families transformed because of their response to the Truth of Scripture and the Presence of the Lord!

See you this weekend,

Pastor Ken

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