Friday, January 25, 2013

I saved the best for last ... & a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

This weekend we wrap up our series, Happily Ever After…I have saved the best for last! This final key to HAPPINESS revolutionizes how we SEE, GO THROUGH, AND LIVE life. I will be sharing an email I received this past week that…
  a. Brings me to tears each time I read it
  b. Illustrates, better than I can, how important this last key to happiness is

Also, a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming this weekend. You will want to be “in the loop” and “in the know.” 

Invite friends…I have a feeling this is going to be one to remember!

It’s Time…Take the Next Step,
Pastor Ken

PS. A prayer update…our Bradley boys’ basketball team hasn’t won any more games…YET (you got to believe, baby:)  They are still fighting hard each game, so I measure that as progress…just not in the win column YET. Your prayers are still and always appreciated as we play Westerville tonight…perhaps there will be a minor miracle:)


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Consider this...when thinking about Consistency

Recently, I’ve been thinking about “consistency.” Interestingly enough, I’ve been thinking of the second definition of the word, according to steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, form, etc.: There is consistency in his pattern of behavior. 
Consistency is tied to character. If someone does something good, or bad, in life/relationships just once in a while, that becomes their character and one would say they were “inconsistent” in their pattern of living. Consistency allows others around us to know what they can expect from us…and that’s good. Now, just to make it clear, I’m not thinking of perfectionism as our living; that’s impossible. But I am thinking of consistency.  
Here is a short list of benefits: 
  • Consistency in the “quality of the worship experience” makes it easier to invite friends…you don’t have to wonder if it’s going to be good or bad…
  • Consistency in our “financial giving” makes it easier to remember what belongs to the Lord, and who is first in our lives…
  • Consistency in our “eating and exercise” makes it easier to maintain good health…
  • Consistency in our “devotions and prayer” makes it easier to hear God speak
  • Consistency in our “living” establishes the story our life will tell…
Ask the Lord to help you become more “consistent” in the “pattern of living” that will bring out the best (and HIS best) in US!
HAPPY Wednesday,
Pastor Ken

Friday, January 18, 2013

Are you a GRAPE or a MARBLE?

Happily Ever After- Week 3, 

In addition to marriage advice from the Duck Dynasty Crew, we will be diving into the role relationships play in affecting our Happiness … or lack thereof. How do I limit the “control” others seem to have over me? Does establishing healthy boundaries go against Christian love? What’s the formula for healthy relationships? Am I a grape or a marble…

Bring a friend...don't have one...come make a new friend and learn how to be a better one.

See you soon,
Pastor Ken

PS. I’m hearing great things about our Dublin Campus...check it out Sunday, 10 am, at Dublin Coffman High School!

PSS. For those whose schedules allow, thank you for partnering with us by giving Saturday night service- 6 PM, or Sunday morning service- 9:30 AM a try at our Alton Darby Campus. Whichever service you attend, invite a friend and come ready to learn, worship, have fun, and then, go change the world…one person at a time!

Friday, January 11, 2013

The HAPPIEST people are...

This weekend, we will dig a little deeper, examining two more attributes of the happiest people in the world (and, no…it has nothing to do with Disney World!). I won’t tell you what the traits are, but here’s a hint: One of the attributes we’ll be discussing might be mentioned by someone who’s playing poker. . .

Both Dublin and Alton Darby have “killer” music set lists that will keep us humming till Monday. Come EXPECTING and Come WITH FRIENDS! These are great days of opportunity to invest in others.

See you soon,
Pastor Ken

PS. Say a prayer for Bradley HS boys’ basketball to keep it close or…shall we even pray for a 2nd miracle and knock off cross-town rival…Dreaded Darby?? GO JAGS!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Do you long to be HAPPY?

This weekend, we kick off a new series, Happily Ever After…what story are you writing? All people have a longing desire to be HAPPY. We want to be happy. We want our kids and our friends to be happy. But, as most of us know, desire and knowledge alone are not enough!

For the next four weeks, we will be studying the Proven Pathway to Happiness as outlined from God’s Truth, and looking at ways to engage and experience God’s best for us.

If you like country, I hear Carrie Underwood may make a guest appearance at our Dublin campus. If you like Bon Jovi, I hear Alton Darby may be a great campus choice. Whatever your preference may be, bring a friend, come to encourage, come to learn, and come to worship our Great God!

2013…shaping up to be the best yet!
Pastor Ken

PS. Whenever I hear our Children’s Ministry team talking about the stuff they have planned for the kids…makes me want to be a kid again. Okay, that was a lie, but it’s really cool what we do for kids! Don’t miss this weekend!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Several thoughts to help shape not just 2013, but eternity...

I feel bad for the 2nd of January. I mean, January 1 gets all the press...the relaxing kickoff to a new year. By the time January 2 rolls around, many are already questioning their New Year’s resolutions (I recently heard only 8% of those who make New Year’s resolutions actually keep them). Many also dread going back to work after celebrating the holidays. 
So, on this January 2, let me share a few thoughts that could really shape not just 2013, but ETERNITY.
  1. Many of you prayed and invited for our eight Christmas Services. THANK YOU! Many of you have heard by now that 7,979 people gathered to worship. YOU played a valuable role in so many people experiencing the Christmas story. INVITE THEM BACK this weekend for the kickoff of our new series, Happily Ever After...what story are you writing? We may even work in a little Duck Dynasty to help us kick off everything. It will be fun and meaningful as we explore what God’s Word has to say about Living Fulfilled, Happy, Joyful Lives.
  2. PRAY for your church staff as you pray for your own family and God’s blessings. God can do anything he chooses, but often he chooses to work through people. We covet your regular prayers for God’s continued leading and wisdom as we serve you.
  3. Start this year off right and get to church this weekend! It really is about the HABIT of breaking away from our regular weekly routine to set aside ONE HOUR to WORSHIP CHRIST with others. Two different days ~ Two different campuses ~ Four different service times to choose from.
Last year was amazing for Cypress. More people joined God’s family, and more people made deep commitments to give and to serve, than any other time before. We have much to be thankful for.
As your Senior Pastor, I want you to know I truly believe our best is yet to come...we are just beginning to scratch the surface of God’s Full Potential for us.
Can’t wait to worship with you this weekend,
Pastor Ken