Friday, December 20, 2013

Come and See for Yourself...

Throughout scripture, there is a dual message in Christ’s teachings. That message is “Come See and Go Tell.” As Christ is building relationships and encountering people who did not know him on a personal level, and as word was spreading about his ability to change a human life in every category, the message was simply come see. Come, taste, and see for yourself; the Lord is good. Often, the message Christ can be seen giving to the disciples (those who believe, follow, and pattern their life after his) is to go tell and go serve the world, so that others may come to know and experience the life-change that Christ offers.   

As we are on the eve of our ten Christmas services, I’m praying that people will encounter and respond to the greatest message the world has ever known…Jesus is Born! Come See and Go Tell!

It’s finally Christmas!
See you soon, Pastor Ken

Friday, December 13, 2013

A Game Changer...

In sports, there are times during a game when you feel the momentum shifting and it might just take one play for you to say to yourself, “That was a game changer.” You watch movies and sense, based upon the rapid heartbeat and dialogue between characters, that a particular moment is “a game changer” in the film.

CHRISTMAS is a Game Changer…if we will recognize it for what it truly is.

This weekend’s will be the most personal Christmas message I have ever taught. To be honest, there have been moments where tears have filled my eyes as I think about what I am going to share. Tears not only because it is so personal but also because I believe strongly about certain things that happened. Consider this fair warning for those (like myselfJ) who have been known to “get something caught in your eye” from time to time.

Far more important than my personal story, I also believe this weekend may prove to be one of the most memorable times we have shared together for a completely different reason. There’s a special plan unfolding and YOU are included. Don’t miss this weekend –you’ll want to play your part in the greatest story the world has ever heard!

Last thing…this weekend is COATS FOR KIDS at Cypress. Bring a kid-sized coat (size 4-14), hats, mittens, and gloves with you to church. We have partnered with elementary schools in six local school districts to give the gift of warmth this Christmas! Bring the items into the worship center before service…there will be coat racks with hangers.

Every time we get together for worship, it’s special. However, from time to time, I know there is something extra special in the spirit of expectation…this is going to be one of those weekends.

See you soon, Pastor Ken

Friday, December 6, 2013

A few things to know before this weekend...

A Weekend in December…a Christmas Musical Experience

Here are a few things I want to pass along:
  1. It will be an incredible worship experience!
  2. You will want to arrive early for great seating (AD campus south lot is experimenting with a parking lot bus…so don’t let the cold keep you away)
  3. This would be a great weekend to invite friends!
I also wanted to encourage you, as I was this morning, with a couple emails I received. The individuals were reflecting on their personal blessings of honoring the Lord, in light of our recent series on finances.

“Giving my finances to God has already reduced the stress level in my life over the past month. Christ has given me peace where I used to fret so much.”

“I'm not going to make a big deal about this, but I wanted you to know! I could come up with many excuses, but there would never be one that was sufficient! My life is blessed, and I recognize that! For me to continue to rob the one who blesses it would be inconceivable!”

I pray you may experience God’s mighty hand of provision and blessing as we strive to honor and worship him in our daily living.

I can hardly wait to worship Him, with YOU, this weekend!
Pastor Ken 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Random thoughts in my head from last weekend...

The church is a gathering of people called together, according to His purpose. It’s a place to honor Christ and encourage one another to become the people He designed us to become.

The church is where seeds of Hope and Healing take root and find their home in relationships…connected with Christ and one another.

Scripture reminds us wherever two or more are gathered in His name, He is there.

The church is not a building. I have always said (and promise you) if our facility were to burn to the ground, we will have church service the following weekend. We will worship together at a location…somewhere.

I love special times of prayer like this past weekend…commissioning and open altar.

I love the focused intensity of the people willing to sacrifice to reach the next family for Christ.

I love that I have already received an email saying I will not be alone at the new Sunday 6pm service…people are stepping up!

I love that Cypress puts the vision to glorify Christ, reaching people for Christ, and serving our community in the love of Christ above their personal comfort.

I love that 827 people committed to put Christ first in their finances…287 of those committed to Begin Tithing and accepted the 3-Month Challenge! This is a huge step of faith reflected in their finances.

I am blessed we both call Cypress home!

See you this coming weekend for some of the best Christmas music you have ever heard…A WEEKEND IN DECEMBER!

Invite a friend and get here early for good seatsJ
Pastor Ken