Friday, May 31, 2013

Knee-High by the 4th of July...

As I drive around town (far westside:), it is hard to believe the corn will be “knee-high by the 4th of July.” The local farmers are busy at work this time of year, at the mercy of the weather and the SOIL. There is undoubtedly a lot of hard work and maybe even some disappointment on their part but, later this summer as you sit down to fresh corn on the cob and perfectly ripened tomatoes, you will enjoy the harvest!

As we kick off our Walking on Sunshine summer series, we are looking at a parable Christ shared so we may connect a deeper meaning to our lives and living. I’m taking one angle on this story that I’ve never taken before…can’t wait to share it this weekend.  Matthew 13:1-9

See ya soon,
Pastor Ken

Friday, May 17, 2013

Who helped change the world forever?

What do Alexander the Great and the Apostle Paul have in common? Although they were separated by nearly 400 years in human history, they were both conquerors of foreign lands and people. Both Alexander and Paul helped to usher in new kingdoms and literally change the known world of their day.
This weekend, we will be examining how Paul walked in the footsteps of Alexander and helped to change the world forever. The most fascinating thing…Paul only spent three weeks in the “Great City.” So, who does he thank and hold in highest regard…THOSE WHO SERVE IN THE TRENCHES AND THE FRONT LINE!!!
See you this weekend for the rest of the story,
Pastor Ken

Friday, May 10, 2013

Special speaker this weekend @ Cypress!


Mother's Day is a BIG DEAL! not for the faint of heart.  Being a mother is an unbelievably important job.  Join us this weekend as my wife, Serena, shares and encourages all moms.  It's a can't miss weekend!

Also, don't Sunday service times this weekend for our Alton Darby Campus:

Alton Darby
Saturday- 6:00pm
Sunday- 8:30am, 10:00am & 11:30am

Sunday- 10:00am

See you this weekend,
Pastor Ken

Friday, May 3, 2013

I feel like I've been preparing a lifetime to share...

The picture shown is of our middle son, Mac, at a friend’s birthday party when he was four years old. He still loves to have a baseball bat in his hands but, at 13 (soon 14), Bob the Builder is no longer the target (normally, it’s a baseball…at times, it’s a brother:)

The changes in Mac over the past nine to ten years (physically, socially, academically and spiritually) have been astounding. It doesn’t hit you until see a picture from the past. There hasn’t been a time, during the last ten years, where I’ve noticed “astounding” growth happening overnight. But, it did’s obvious. It makes me wonder how I’ve grown over the same time period. And, NO, I’m not talking about the thinning, grey hair:)  I’m wondering about other characteristics, ones that are not as obvious as the physical traits, but just as noticeable through relationships, conversations and lifestyles.

This weekend is set aside to HONOR and APPLAUD our GRADUATES of all levels.

In some ways, I feel like I’ve been preparing a lifetime to share some things, revealed in scripture, about “measuring success” as we hit certain “milestone achievements” in life. I cannot wait for the weekend to get here!

See you soon,
Pastor Ken