Friday, October 5, 2012

FEAR...monsters in monsters in relationships...

Do you have bedtime routines? If you have young kids in the house, I’ll bet you do. I remember what a great day it was in our house when I could simply say, “Go put your PJs on and brush your teeth…” instead of going upstairs to help them get ready for bed. Okay, truth be known, Serena did that far more than I did. Part of my bedtime routine with Peyton, our 8 year old (after we pray and I tuck him in), is turning out the light. However, before I can leave, he stops me with, “Dad, will you make sure the closet door is closed good.” It makes me laugh, but I remember those days as a child…do you? There is often a certain apprehension, anxiety, or fear about the closet door being open. I don’t think it helps that one night his older brother hid in the closet and jumped outJ 

By the time we become adults, the fears that grip and cling to us usually have migrated from monsters in the closets, to monsters that rear their ugly heads in relationships...the fear of not making it financially, the fear of public ridicule, the fear of being alone, or the fear of rejection.

I am convinced this series is going to be not only an encouragement and a help…but I believe the Lord is going to use this time as a life-defining change for many…could you be one…as we learn to conquer the fears that hold us back.

If you know friends who wrestle with fear, extend a simple invitation for them to join you as we learn together how to live life to the full…even in the midst of…FEAR.

See ya soon,
Pastor Ken

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