Wednesday, January 4, 2012

BIG Things on the Horizon @ CYPRESS in 2012!

There are several stories in scripture that have always intrigued me.  Do you remember the story of Jesus in his hometown and the amazing reaction to him…or should I say lack thereof?  The Bible says Jesus performed only a few miracles in his hometown because of the lack of faith (or expectation) on the part of the people. 

Mark 6:1-5 / Matthew 13:58
I’m not sure if Jesus was expecting a “hero’s welcome” or not,
but what he experienced and as a result what the people expected,
their experience was less than what God desired.

I read a book over the Christmas break detailing the power of “social networks” and their effect on how people think, behave, and shape their values…interesting research to say the least.  A Cliff’s Notes version ~ what each one of us, so to speak, “brings to the table” in terms of our attitude, expectations, habits, etc., goes a long way in determining the expectation AND the eventual experience not only for ourselves but for countless others around us as well.  Expectation can have a positive or a negative influence.

As we get ready to kick off our first sermon series of 2012, Culture Shapers, I wonder, “What are you expecting God to do in you and through you?”  I expect, in fact I believe, 2012 will be the most fruitful year of ministry we have ever seen.  I really believe that!  In 2011, the foundation was laid to impact more lives than we could imagine and, in 2012, we walk through open doors of opportunity.  This will be the year we launch our first Multi-Site, the year our Leadership Internship Program for college students opens, the year the vision to expand our reach to minister to 2,000 orphans in Peru becomes reality, and so much more!!!  God is going to do BIG things in us and through us in 2012! 

As I was typing this, I received a report from our Sports Ministry team that we have the largest number of kids participating in our basketball league ever in the history of our church!  We have over 460 kids playing this year, over 105 coaches, not to mention refs and all the others involved to make this ministry happen.  But remember, we count wins and losses not in numbers involved, but rather in the number touched and transformed by Christ’s love THROUGH SPORTS MINISTRY…touching and transforming those lives begins this weekend with Culture Shapers.  This sermon series is going to provide context for processing some life questions many have had, but never really thought about. 

I know God desires these things and, according to scripture, I also know He expects each one of us to do our part. 

Come ready, come expecting…this is going to be fun! 
Pastor Ken

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