Friday, January 13, 2012

Are you tired of dealing with all the DRAMA?

This weekend continues our Culture Shapers series, asking the question, “How does culture shape us and how are we shaping culture?”  We’ll be looking at the type of thing that happened in my home last night and this morning…DRAMA.  Our drama had to do with school…will it be closed tomorrow, or maybe a delay?   Oh, the anticipation, the suspense, even the prayers and, this morning, the let-down (for me it was actually joyJ).  In books and movies, often times, they all live happily ever after and the hero wins.  So, how do we reconcile real life with story life?  I’m really looking forward to this one.

Also, the kids are sure to have a great time as our Children’s Ministry is welcoming ventriloquist, Gene Cordova, in week two of their Grand Opening.  As a parent, I can think of few things better than knowing my child will laugh, have a great time, and learn about Christ!

Finally, I believe there is another “hit medley” of drama classics from years past. 

See ya this weekend and, in the spirit of one hit drama you may or may not remember, “Hey, let’s be careful out there.” 

Pastor Ken

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