Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 reflections & important reminders

Dear Cypress,

I am living one of my favorite weeks of the year…the week between Christmas and New Year’s! This week is one that’s always filled with movie watching and plenty of family hang time. I also seem to find myself, as many do, reminiscing over the past year and looking ahead to the next.

As 2011 comes to a close, we have so much to be grateful for as a church. We are coming off of our largest Christmas Eve ever with over 6,000 attending five services! As I said at our Christmas morning service, “It’s great to have that many people, but what we really count is the number of changed lives for Christ.” My desire is to see how many of those 6,000 we can “entice” to return for our January series, where attending church becomes more of their weekly routine rather than a once in a while experience.

Also, we are on target for a month-long grand opening for our Children’s Ministry Center in January. You’ll be hearing more about the exciting things planned to impact kids’ lives, and don’t forget, basketball is right around the cornerJ

On a final note, the way New Year’s falls this year, Saturday night giving will be credited to 2011, and Sunday, January 1 giving, will be applied to 2012. For more detailed questions, feel free to contact our business office (614-878-8192), or email Barry Hines ( God Bless You and Thank You for your contributions in 2011 making it one of the best ever!

I AM CONVINCED though what GOD has in store for 2012 is beyond anything we could ask or imagine! Let’s make it memorable and meaningful.

Pastor Ken


  1. I am very excited for a new year and what God has in store for his people.

  2. Amen, pastor Ken. For me 2012 can't come soon enough. It has been a long, trying year. I am hopeful that God has led me through the worst.

  3. Thanks, Pastor. Powerful messages! Keep sharing the truth with us. We feel it too, the continued touch and blessing from god's spirit. Blessed to be an excited part of his plan. May he empower our leadership.

  4. Every day, every year the Lord gives me strength. Loss is something I never get used to, but I take comfort knowing I will see my friends and family on the other side. My brother Scott Burr & I lost our beloved father in October to cancer.

    I'm thankful for Scott telling me about Cypress this past spring. I wasn't growing spiritually where I was attending. I love that Cypress has an excellent children's ministry. Thank you Pastor Ken to you & your staff!