Friday, January 6, 2012

Culture Shapers starts this weekend...don't miss out!

Cypress, let me give you four great reasons to be in church this weekend:

1.     We are kicking off our new series, Culture Shapers, and asking the question, “How does culture shape us and how do we shape culture?”  This weekend, we’re taking a look at Comedy, particularly in sitcoms…aka Modern Family Weekend.

2.     In addition to an amazing worship set list, there is a special “through the years” sitcom medley, which is sure to bring a smile to your face.

3.     This weekend also kicks off a Month-Long Grand Opening for our Children’s Ministry area!  Don’t forget, it’s also Starbucks Weekend for the kids!

4.     Finally, I will be announcing the Grand Total for the Orphanage Project in Peru, highlighted during the Christmas Eve services.  Hint…amazing news and I’m so proud of you. J

This would be a great weekend to bring a friend.  Extend an invitation and come expecting great things from our great God!

Looking forward to it,
Pastor Ken


  1. Good for you, Pastor Ken! Really looking forward to the sermon series kick-off this weekend!!

  2. Pastor Ken, you and your Sat. evening church service was my ONLY New Year's resolution....and I intend to keep it! Can't wait....and I'm beyond excited that I'm starting at the beginning of a series :-)