Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Our Children’s Ministry has had OVER 900 kids/volunteers the last several weekends!  What an incredible opportunity, what an awesome responsibility. Let me share seven reasons WHY I LOVE CHILDREN’S MINISTRY AT CYPRESS!

#1 – It’s clean! No nasty carpet, no smells, no dirty floors! I know that our kid’s area is clean and that matters to every parent.

#2 – It’s safe! Background checks have been ran on every staff member (in our church) and every volunteer that has any contact with children (or students). There is a solid check-in system; a child checked in can only be checked out with a security tag.

#3 – It’s fun! My seven year-old LOVES CHURCH, LOVES IT!! I love the fact that “fun” is a value in our Children’s Ministry! Where in the world did we ever get the idea that kids must suffer through church? Heaven is NOT boring; it’s going to be a massive party/celebration and church should be as well, especially for kids!

#4 – Our Staff and Volunteers are Awesome…our children’s staff and volunteers LOVE children!  They volunteer and serve out of delight rather than duty! If a staff member or volunteer in the children’s area does not absolutely love children, then they need to be moved to another area. Kids can read right through an adult, and a ministry that isn’t based out of love for children will be unfruitful and ineffective.

#5 – Our Kids Know God’s Word! Every week on the way home from church I ask Peyton two questions. By the way…these are the two questions I’ve shared with our Children’s Ministry Team, for over a year, in regards to what our vision should be for Children’s Ministry. I have said that parents are going to ask their kids two questions every Sunday…which are…

  1. Did you have fun? (This one is first 90% of the time!)
  2. What did you learn?
It always fills my heart with joy every time Peyton tells me what he learned in his class about the Scriptures.  Seriously, when a church commits to teaching children about Jesus, in an environment that they love and in a manner that is on their level, then they are making an investment in the next generation!

#6 – We invest heavily in our Youth and Children’s Ministries! I don’t believe they are “the church of tomorrow.” I believe they are the church of TODAY! I believe they matter TODAY! I believe that if we invest in them TODAY, and teach them about Jesus TODAY, and help them grow up with a favorable view of church TODAY, then their tomorrow will look a lot different! Disney spends money on them; the Cartoon Network spends money on them; the CHURCH should spend money on them!

#7 – They have an EXCELLENT LEADER, MISS KATHY GEORGE!  Our Children’s Director is the absolute best on the planet! (p.s. today is her birthdayJ) She LOVES kids and has three boys of her own! She has more passion for children and their families than anyone I know! By the way…a passionate and wise leader makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE! I am so honored that my two older boys have had, and Peyton currently has, the privilege of being in an environment every week that is directly impacted by Kathy’s vision and passion of seeing children learn about Jesus on their level, and developing a relationship with Jesus as their “best forever friend and Savior.”

A dynamic CHILDREN’S MINISTRY cannot be underrated! If we want to reach them, we have to start as early as we can!!

Have a great week! Pastor Ken


  1. Thank you do much Pastor Ken! I totally agree with everything you said and am privileged to be part of such an AMAZING TEAM!!!!

  2. I too am a part of this team and it makes me smile every Sunday when the little ones remember you and run up to give you a hug and then the parents say thank you for taking such good care of their child because they know that they are in good hands and they can concentrate while in service listening to Gods word. I feel like I make a difference in that family's life by being there. So thank you Pastor Ken and thank you a huge bunch to Kathy, you make it possible! Your awesome!!!!

    ~Angie Hauler

  3. Ditto x7! We couldn't agree more! Love to hear Chloe tell us what she's learned each week and the discussions that comes from it and that she's memorizing scripture to keep in her heart forever! Thank you Pastor Ken for seeing the importance of a wonderfully fun, safe, and age-appropriate children's ministry. Thank you Miss Kathy for your vision and care for families and their relationships with one another and Jesus! ~The Lewis's

  4. Thank you Ken. I am so blessed to be a part of the childrens ministry. I'm with the Infants
    every Sunday and I love love love being there. One of my favorite things to do is hold them
    in my arms, rocking them, singing softly Jesus Loves Me as they fall asleep. Even as babies
    we can begin teaching them that Jesus loves them. I love each and every precious baby. The
    parents are such wonderful people and I am so happy to know them. My room is growing
    and its exciting. I am blessed to have such wonderful and loving volunteers to work sith
    each Sunday. Thanks to Kathy and Heidi for all they do. God Bless....... Ann Ball

  5. My 11 yr old son attended for the first time last Sunday and really enjoyed it. Thanks

  6. It's great that each age has it's own group so each sunday, they can be taught on their own level. All the staff and volunteers do wonderful jobs making each service fun!!!!!!!!! Dawn Millikin

  7. my son loves it he wants to go everyweek thank you all for the great job you do

  8. Amen, Pastor Ken!!