Thursday, March 1, 2012

An update and reminder you don't want to miss!

Twelve-hundred thirty-one may seem like just a number, but that is the number of cards turned in which represents individuals and families who made a commitment to honor the Lord with their finances from this past weekend.  The decision to honor the Lord with one’s life is a decision that is never regretted…it’s not always easy, and often requires faith, but never regretted!  Stay faithful and stay strong, you can do it! 

This weekend is the “Celebration & Collection Weekend” for the El Salvador Medical Mission Project.  We are asking every family to bring a bottle of children’s ibuprofen and children’s vitamins (non-gummy).  We’ll be collecting the supplies in each service and having a special time of prayer for God’s favor upon the team and the recipients of the medicine collected. 

This weekend also kicks off our new series, The Road…on the road with Christ during his final week leading up to the cross. 

Start March Madness off right…be at Cypress and bring a friendJ

See you soon,
Pastor Ken

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