Friday, March 9, 2012

THE ROAD...VIP...CONNECT...all this weekend @Cypress!

We continue THE ROAD series this weekend! Who were the people, places, and encounters Christ had along THE ROAD during his final week leading up to the cross? We will dive into a story that can only be described as an “awkward dinner party” with a distinctive smell! 

Also, this weekend…

Ø  We are sharing our Easter service times and plans. Tickets will be available, starting this weekend, to help assure everyone has a seat when they arriveJ

Ø  We are introducing an improved system and strategy to help new people feel welcomed and connected…VIP treatment.

Ø  We are introducing a new “one-stop shopping” area called “CONNECT.” It’s a place to go if you have a question, need information on a ministry, want to register for classes, sports, or anything else being offered at Cypress...making it more convenient for you to be involved and in the know.

Ø  We might just give away our own dinner gift card to help someone throw a “non-awkward dinner party!”

You don’t want to miss…see ya soon,
Pastor Ken

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