Friday, March 30, 2012

Peyton taking a line drive...has many takeaways

Many of you know our youngest son, Peyton, took a line drive to his nose and cheekbone that required surgery yesterday.  I thought I would share a few of my thoughts and reflections over the past several days; obviously, these are not in order: 

1. The power of social media amazes me.
I sent a message, via Twitter and Facebook, of what happened, and over the last three days, close to over 100 people have responded to pictures and updates.  If over 100 people responded, it makes me wonder how many other people have viewed and prayed but simply never commented. 

Takeaway = never underestimate the power of what you / we / I put out on social media.  People are reading.

Takeaway = I believe personal evangelism / invitations to church work best within the context of a relationship, but I will throw out opportunities and invitations to the “masses” via social media…scattering seed.

2. Never take family for granted. 
I love my wife and my kids.  I love hanging out with them.  We get along really well (most of the time).  BUT, when people I love suffer, not only do I suffer with them, it reminds me to take advantage of every minute…a simple car ride to practice to talk about something significant rather than tuning into my favorite “oldies” station.  I don’t think anyone means to take family and friends for granted, but when health is threatened, we do see things in a new light.

Takeaway = be disciplined to invest in people (especially family) more than stuff.

3. Perspective changes a lot…Christ changes everything.
Just about the time it’s easy to start feeling “sorry” for oneself, if I choose to think of others who are in far tougher situations than I…and if I choose to think about how God has been / is / and promises to be…gracious, all sufficient and faithful in the future unto me and my family, it really does change how I view the current situation.

Takeaway = I don’t want to just count my blessings when life is a struggle; I’d love to develop the pattern all the time.

Takeaway = I don’t want to be “thinking of and praying for” others who are in tough times only when I am, just to encourage myself…I want to develop a better pattern of care for others all the time.

4. Pain gets our attention quicker than prosperity.
I don’t like pain so I try to avoid it when possible.  I do realize though, some pain is needed for growth to occur and sometimes pain is needed for healing to occur.

Takeaway = when in pain, I will ask, “Am I causing this…what might the Lord be trying to teach me in the midst of it…even when he isn’t the author of it?”

5. Often times, physical wounds will heal faster than other kinds…relational, mental, etc…
Healing the nose is one phase...fielding our first ground ball when some we return to baseball will be another "Big Day."

Takeaway = life really is ONE DAY AT A TIME.

6. I’d rather suffer than see my kids suffer.
As we approach Easter, I can only imagine what God the Father experienced as HIS SON went through all that he did…for me ~ for you ~ and for a ton of our friends…Let’s get the word out.

Hope to see ya this weekend at Cypress,
Pastor Ken


  1. #6 You are right - it totally changes our perspective on Easter when we have our own children and realize how difficult it is to see them suffer. It just makes God's Amazing love for us so much more precious, knowing it was bought at a great cost.

  2. I am certainly one who viewed the post, prayed, shared it with my family and never commented...the power of social media is amazing and we really enjoy following you!I had a week full of prayer as we await scholarship results and I kept reminding myself to quit praying for positive results, but rather thank God for all he has blessed us with! Hugs to Peyton :)

  3. Absolutely spot on... Reading your reflections this resulting from this trauma this week has been amazing and this post is no exception. We all will be looking forward to Peyton fielding his next line drive. Your point #6 is the feeling of every good parent. Parenthood does change our perspective on our faith and personal well being. THANKS for sharing your family experience with us all. You are a blessing.

  4. AMEN Ken! :) Great definition of a successful life here on earth! I simply can't imagine any greater compliment to our Lord, but to Love as we are loved!

  5. Just found out about Peyton when you sent out this E-mail. We will keep him and your family in our thoughts and prayers. Also thanks for the take-aways it's always good to be reminded of what's important in our life.

  6. We've been following and praying and hope Peyton is doing alright! I love following you on Twitter and this blog and getting little updates throughout the week - it makes me feel more a part of a big church that I've only been going to for a few months.

  7. I have a daughter that played scocer. Nothing like watching her being tackled on the feild and being rushed away to the nearest hosiptal. Nothing ever prepares you to watch your child being hurt. You have my prayers

  8. Hope Peyton heals quickly! We too experienced an injury in the past in football that also required surgery ! It's hard to see our young ones hurt! Thank you for sharing and always being spot on in the way I am feeling every week! You have helped me and my family in more ways than you will ever know!!! Thank you!

  9. We too once had a football injury that required surgery! It's hard to see our kids suffer! I just wanted to personally thank you for coming into my familys life! You have changed and touched us more than words can explain! Thank you for speaking evey week on a way that is exactly what we are going thru! It's been an extremely rough year and you have saved us! Thank you !

  10. Prayers to you & your family as Peyton recovers.

    Thanks for sharing the "take-aways" - your message is a blessing and an inspiration.

  11. Pastor Ken, we are glad to see your son will be alright! We are just hearing what happened, and will keep Peyton in our prayers for a speedy recovery! Your message is so true and we appreciate your take-aways! GOD Bless your family!

    The Brayfield Family