Friday, February 24, 2012

See why this weekend is going to be amazing...

Three weeks ago, I stood before our church and shared that I felt this could be the most important series I would teach all year ~ Monopoly, Live Rich Outside the Box.  I believe this weekend could be the defining moment of this entire series!  Our worship and creative arts teams have been working very hard (as we do for all services) to create an environment where each one will experience the profound presence of the Living God and have the opportunity to choose to respond to Him with a life of worship. 

1.     Do everything you can to be on time this week; otherwise, you might miss the celebration of communion.
2.     I am teaching two final Principles of God’s System to Win…in all areas of our life and living.
3.     HUGE THANK YOU to SO MANY OF YOU who are partnering with us to make room at our 11:15am service!  We are still having record attendance, but since several hundred of you have given Saturday night and first service on Sunday a try, we can easily make more room.  THANK YOU!!
4.     Just yesterday, I heard the property purchase for the orphanage in Peru is in the final stages! Praise God and thank you to all who supported the orphan project on Christmas Eve.  Pictures will be coming soon.
5.     Come praying, believing, and expecting…I believe people will make commitments this weekend that will change their life (thinking & pattern of living) forever.

See you soon,
Pastor Ken

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  1. Drat! Communion during my children's ministries weekend?! Can I order room service??