Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Top Ten List of Thanks from last weekend

Dear Cypress,

Let me give you a short “Top Ten” list, of the things I’m still praising God for from last weekend at Cypress.

I’m thankful and praising God because…

10.  We had people pray to receive Jesus Christ as their Savior this weekend at Cypress!  Four that I personally know of = HUGE PARTY IN HEAVEN

9.    We have a student ministry that connects with teenagers!  Both of my older two boys said United Student Ministry was really really good last weekend.  As a parent I cannot express how that makes me feel.

8.    I’ve heard from a few families who have said this series was a “last ditch effort to save a marriage & family / a new start for their marriage & family”  … and God is using it to speak, connect and encourage changed living in people.

7.    A good friend brought his friend up to introduce them last weekend … it was their ( single parent and kids ) first time … my friend has been inviting his friend for FIVE YEARS!!!  I’m glad he never gave up on his friend, just like God will never give up on us!  His friend liked it and will be back.

6.    Our Children’s ministry creates an environment where my seven year old WANTS TO BE on the weekend.  Again, forget the whole Senior Pastor thing… as a dad, to have your elementary age son think and speak about our children’s ministry the way he does… GREATEFUL!

5.    I got to hold up and celebrate the “stack” of signed Lordship checks. PROUD OF YOU

4.    People came up for prayer after ever service.  There were a variety of needs and opportunities to “partner in prayer” with friends of Cypress.  I’m thankful we created this opportunity and people are responding.

3.    People of all ages and backgrounds  are connecting with Christ and one another at Cypress!  I love the diversity.

2.    We are a church that doesn’t merely talk a good game, we actually do stuff…  coat drive, orphanage in Peru, our current project El Salvador, and upcoming project you will hear more about in the future… Pregnancy Decision Center

1.    We all got the opportunity to answer the question, “WHO’S YOUR DADDY & WHO’S TEAM IS THIS… YOUR TEAM OR YOUR DADDY’S TEAM!”

Remember, the rest of today is a blank canvas of opportunity to HONOR our Savior and LORD, Jesus the Christ.

Have a great rest of your week,

Pastor Ken

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