Friday, February 10, 2012

Do you remember who said, "Do you believe in miracles?" plus 6 reasons not to miss Cypress this weekend...

Al Michaels uttered the now famous words, “Do you believe in miracles?” as the USA hockey team pulled off the…well…the miraculous upset of USSR at the Olympic Games held in Lake Placid, New York, on Friday, February 22, 1980. That was a very special, miraculous day.

As my three boys walked out the door for school today, I found my mind wandering to the day they were born. What amazing, special days…the miracle of life.  At 15, 12, and 7, we are definitely out of the infancy stage of life at our house. Now I relive those days through the stories of our newest Team Member, Dave Bever, as he and his wife, Jamie, celebrate “sleepless nights in Columbus” with their three-week-old son, Urijah. I love kids but, to be honest, I’m glad it’s them and not me at this pointJ 

So what do these stories have to do with this weekend? Let me share six reasons why you should be in church this weekend:

1.     This weekend, I believe we will witness the miracle of LIFE ~ spiritual birth. It is something far greater than any earthly accomplishment.

2.     Just as there are different stages of life, there are also different stages of spiritual life. I believe we will witness people making decisions to take steps to walk toward that next chapter of LIFE.

3.     Our volunteers, through Children’s and Student Ministries, will love your children/grandchildren and connect with them in such a way that the awesome truth of how great Christ is, and how incredible His plan is for their lives, will be seen…seeds will be planted and nurtured.

4.     When you’re not here, you are missed. You matter to God and you matter to us!

5.     We need you here to encourage the people who sit around you and those who serve alongside you. I had a guy come up to me at a restaurant this morning, after my Bible study group, and introduce himself. He said he’d been coming to Cypress for several weeks and do you know what he bragged about? YOU! He said how welcoming, friendly, and inviting everyone is (I told him we keep the mean people hidden the first couple weeks ~ joke ~ insert smile and laughter here). He talked about how prevalent the spirit of the Lord is in the people! We need you!

6.     As if we needed another reason, here it is…Jesus Christ the Lord is worthy to be praised! I’d like to do that with 4,000 of you!

This weekend will shape eternity, and many decades before that, for several individuals and families.

See you soon,
Pastor Ken


  1. Looking forward to this weekend - last week's message was blessing to hear as it touched me deeply.

  2. I love the church and everyone in it. But I am that person outside the box. It ms me tear up this weekend when you sat there and said that you prayed for the people outside the box. That showed me you cared about me. I'm in love with cypress church I'm blessed to meet this church and Gide me in the right way.