Sunday, December 11, 2011

Winning is...

I’ve known something for a long time about myself, but tonight as I watch Sunday Night Football, I’m reflecting on it.  Charlie Sheen and I have something deeply in common.  What is it that I’ve known for a long time … I LOVE TO WIN!  Today I just finished playing a fun family game of “catchphrase” with friends, it got a little intense, but we won.  Earlier today I cheered the staff team in a dodge ball tournament … champs, later the PACKERS PLAYED ( need I say more )!
I guess my love affair with winning began as a young kid playing sports.  It’s funny to watch little kids play sports where you “don’t keep score”, ask any kid what the score is and they all know.  What’s more funny, is ask some of the parents on the sideline of those games where you don’t keep score, and most of them know as well. Last night my wife Serena, my oldest son Jackson and I played scrabble… I came in third… I have told them both it’s now a best of five series and we will have a rematch. J
Bottom line Fact… we keep score in life and everybody loves to WIN.
Here is what I’m thinking about, If I took the same deep seeded intense desire to win, when it comes to getting my Christmas Wish List ( five friends ) to come to church this Christmas season, I wonder how much greater the odds are they may attend… and as a result have their life touched by God in way they would never be the same for eternity. 
This Christmas season … commit to WIN … get your friends to church and we all will encounter the Victorious One, His name is Jesus.