Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve ~ Humbled & Amazed

It was hard to go to sleep last night after our first Christmas Eve service at Cypress.  Over a 1,000 people attended our Thursday Christmas Eve, Eve, Eve service.  I received several texts, face book “buzz” reports & updates, plus had several personal conversations with people telling me the story of their friends and family members who were “touched and blown away” last night by the service.  On one hand I am always amazed when this happens, BUT THEN ON THE OTHER I sensed God asking me late last night and early this morning, "why are you so surprised…"  You see we’ve been planning, preparing, praying and inviting friends for this service, for a month. 

So, Here are my final thoughts in bullet point style:

Ø  Invite your friends, I promise 99.9% of you will be glad you did!  There is always that .1% J   It's not too late, you still have time!

Ø  It’s not simply about a Christmas Eve service, it’s about exposure to Truth that holds the potential to change your life forever

Ø  The thing I loved hearing most from last night is when I heard from several who were at Cypress for the first time saying, “I’m coming back, it was different than I thought and I loved it”

You have four more times to get your friends to Cypress to experience Christmas Eve… Friday @7 / Saturday @ 3, 5, 7

I seriously can hardly wait to experience it new and afresh tonight.

Hope to see you there,

Pastor Ken

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