Friday, February 14, 2014

Did Someone Say It's Valentine's Day?

Do you remember the phrase from the Hallmark commercial years ago? “When you care enough to send the very best..." Today is Valentine's Day. A day to express love to the ones you cherish while candy, cards, and expressions of love flow freely. Let me remind you of the greatest expression of love you will ever receive…John, Chapters 3 and 14...For God so loved YOU, He gave the very best...Himself, to us and for us, Jesus Christ. But in God's great love, He also provided us with a counselor, the gift of Himself through His spirit, so that we may never be alone and always have the ability to walk with Christ every day.

This weekend, we continue with Week 3 of our series, STRONGER ~ training for the win... The Holy Spirit, our difference maker.

See you soon, Pastor Ken

PS. If you haven't checked out THE CITY yet, don’t wait any longer! There are over 750 people who are in CITY SMALL GROUPS and over 115 small groups started this week! Life is better together and there is a place for you!


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