Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Look Back at a Year Full of Changes

Guest Post from Mark Knight, Executive Director - Cypress Church

February 18, 2014 was my one year anniversary since joining the Cypress staff team. Wow! If I had to define this first year in one word it would be CHANGE. This past year has been filled with changes at Cypress.

For those of you who do not know my background, I have been attending Cypress for the last forty-seven years. Our family began attending in 1967 as a result of an invitation from a friend. Many things have changed over the years. God has honored the changes with continued growth, which comes in two forms: spiritual and numerical. We have seen countless lives transformed by Christ under the ministries at Cypress. I truly appreciate the fact that most of the frontline ministry is being performed by committed volunteers who Make a Difference in the lives of those they serve.

Some of the changes made over the past twelve to eighteen months to accommodate unprecedented growth:
  • We launched our first multi-site campus in Dublin
  • Transitioned from three worship services to six at our Alton Darby campus
  • Implemented video teaching to maximize the reach of more people in our
    communities around Cypress
Prior to joining the staff in 2013, I spent the last thirty-six years of employment with Big Bear and Kroger. The vast majority of my experiences were in Human Resources and Labor Relations. I’ve witnessed changes that have seen companies thrive with proper execution, and I’ve seen companies fail because of the lack of vision. Every successful business has a compelling vision that drives daily execution for desired results.

I remember hearing an executive once say, “Things are getting stale and we need to mix it up a bit for the sake of change.” Change for the sake of change is often difficult to accept, however, Change for the Kingdom’s Sake is imperative.

After much research, conversation and prayer, we launched the new video teaching concept at the beginning of the year. We determined that this was the most effective way to reach people in our communities. Video teaching provides an opportunity to open additional multi-site locations in the near future. It would be impossible for any pastor to speak live at the same time in multiple locations. This is why the message is presented by video in some services, with one speaker, and one message, across all campuses.

God has blessed Cypress with-
  • Close to 1000 children in Kid’s Ministry each weekend (Infants – 6th grade) where they learn that Jesus is their best forever friend
  • Over 1600 children and adults are participating in our Sports, Health and
    Wellness programs
  • Almost 800 children attend our school, pre-school, and daycare each week
  • Over 200 students are involved in our Middle and High School Ministries (grades
  • Numerous adults are receiving care and counseling through our various Care
    Ministries each week
  • Hundreds of adults meet each week in homes and on The City to dive deeper into
    the Word and live life together
Our Cypress Leadership Team has made a lot of changes this past year and no doubt will make more changes in the future. We will not sit back and grow comfortable, but we will continue to work earnestly to reach the next new family to hear the love of Christ. This next new family could be your neighbor, your co-worker, or maybe a family member who you have been praying about for years to make a significant life-changing decision for Christ.

I remind myself and the staff daily of our purpose. Our primary purpose and mission at Cypress is to reach the lost in our communities. Everything we do is structured around building His Kingdom, one person, one family at a time. Thank you for doing your part to help us Make a Difference, for the kingdom.

We are so glad that you are with us each and every week!

In Him,
Mark Knight
Mark Knight | Executive Director | Cypress Church

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