Friday, January 25, 2013

I saved the best for last ... & a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

This weekend we wrap up our series, Happily Ever After…I have saved the best for last! This final key to HAPPINESS revolutionizes how we SEE, GO THROUGH, AND LIVE life. I will be sharing an email I received this past week that…
  a. Brings me to tears each time I read it
  b. Illustrates, better than I can, how important this last key to happiness is

Also, a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming this weekend. You will want to be “in the loop” and “in the know.” 

Invite friends…I have a feeling this is going to be one to remember!

It’s Time…Take the Next Step,
Pastor Ken

PS. A prayer update…our Bradley boys’ basketball team hasn’t won any more games…YET (you got to believe, baby:)  They are still fighting hard each game, so I measure that as progress…just not in the win column YET. Your prayers are still and always appreciated as we play Westerville tonight…perhaps there will be a minor miracle:)


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  1. My daughter played softball for CCS the first year they had the team. They lost every game, but you could see them improve with each one, until the last one when they finally won.