Friday, February 1, 2013

According to research, 45% of teenagers rely on their parents to teach them about...

A 2011 study revealed that 45% of teenagers rely on their parents to teach them about sexuality. The same study also revealed that 78% of parents assume their kids will turn to other sources to learn about sexual issues. 

My question: Where do most people (single, dating, married) form their grid for thinking and living when it comes to SEX, LOVE, LIFE and RELATIONSHIPS?

I read, in preparation for this series, that our society has never been more “sexual,” yet the data indicates never has there been less “sexual satisfaction” either. There is an obvious disconnect between God’s original plan and idea versus what popular society would preach as the pathway to pleasure and intimacy.

This will be fun,
Pastor Ken

PS. This is a great month for your child to visit Children’s Ministry. Our children’s staff and volunteers will be ready to help your child experience an amazing hour of Christ‘s love and plan for their life…in a fun, age-appropriate way.

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