Friday, August 15, 2014

My #TBT ... What do you see in the mirror?

In honor of TBT #throwbackthursday, I dug out my senior picture from high school. Our oldest son, Jackson, is a senior this year and had his pictures taken last week. I think he looks good but, I have to wonder in 25+ years, will we think he looked goofy? Everyone says it, everyone has heard it...because it's true…time flies!

There are times I look at old pictures and can barely recognize the person. Often though, when you look closely at their eyes, you can tell it's the same person. This weekend, we will ask the question, "When you look in the mirror, what do you see?" The eyes of people speak a common language. At times, they speak despair and pain…other times, they speak of hope and promise.

I'm thankful God sees things in each of us that we can't! How we think often determines what we see…which leads to daily action…which yields transformed living! This weekend, I will share five words that have shaped my life in recent days.

I hope and pray to see you this weekend in worship,
Pastor Ken


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