Friday, June 27, 2014

Right vs. Wrong...Surviving to Thriving

This weekend, we wrap up our At the Movies series with the most intense movie of the month...12 Years a Slave. While none of us have ever owned slaves, this movie isn't simply about a time in our nation’s history, rather it raises deeper issues to wrestle with.
  • Who determines right versus wrong?
  • What causes a person, a nation, to wander so far off the path? Could it happen again…or is it already happening?
  • What's my role, my obligation of personal responsibility, in the face of "twisted living?"
  • What's the cure?
  • How does one go from surviving to thriving
As always, we have an incredible children's environment prepared for your child this weekend. They will love it and the people around you in adult worship will be able to listen with minimal distraction to what the Lord desires to whisper to them. The nature of this talk will not be appropriate for young children but, as adults, we need to have this talk.

Communion…wrapping up this series…worship...I can hardly wait!

See you soon,

Pastor Ken

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