Friday, September 13, 2013

Do you have a Hunger and Thirst at your house?

Certain Cultures Produce Certain Results. What does this statement actually mean?

In the NFL, the New England Patriots have earned the reputation for handling their business in “The Patriot Way.” Certain players fit the system and culture of the Patriots and others do not. I was speaking with the men’s head basketball coach at Indiana Wesleyan University this past week and he said, “We have passed on a couple of highly talented players because we were not sure they would fit the culture we are creating in the men’s basketball family at IWU. We will protect our culture at all costs, even if it means passing on a high-star prospect.” Chick-fil-A is another company that has created a culture of customer service that is second to none. And there are other examples of businesses, schools, athletic teams, and YES, EVEN HOMES, where a certain culture is developed.

This weekend at Cypress, we are talking about how to identify, possibly tweak or change, and then enhance the culture of your family and home. What does scripture say about creating a spiritual culture (hunger and thirst) for “right living” in the home?

There is HOPE for the FAMILY…see ya soon,
Pastor Ken


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