Friday, September 6, 2013

A Family Life and Relationship Warning...Duck Style...

I don’t fly often but when I do, they always say, “In the unexpected event of air turbulence…” and then go on to explain what you should do.

I think marriage, parenting and family life should come with a similar warning. A FAMILY LIFE AND RELATIONSHIP WARNING may read something like this…“You WILL encounter conflict in your marriage, parenting, relationship with parents, relationship with siblings, extended family, and especially in-laws. At times, this conflict may be UNEXPECTED…at other times, YOU SHOULD SEE IT COMING. You may want to learn the TOOLS necessary to learn how to manage the conflict because it will be a constant companion, but it doesn’t have to steal your peace…YES, EVEN IN THE HOME.”

You don’t have to “give in” and believe this is the way things are always going to be. Come ready to learn, and then apply, as we study what scripture has to say about Winning the War of all that combats PEACE in our most meaningful relationships…FAMILY!

We kickoff our Family & Parenting…Duck Style series so we can take another step toward “WINNING AT HOME” (borrowed from a friend “up north”).

See you soon,
Pastor Ken


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