Friday, April 26, 2013

The sweetest way to live our lives...

My normal cologne is Irish Spring bar soap. I’m not sure if it has something to do with my last name being Murphy, but growing up we always had Irish Spring in the house. I think my mom may have kept Dove in her bathroom but that bathroom was off limits. As I think about it, she may have even had a little Calgon…take me away.

Anyway, back to my point…certain smells can evoke strong memories and emotions. Think of a very pleasant smell (perfume/cologne) from your past…are you smiling yet?

Okay, now think of driving down the road on a hot summer day with your windows down and passing “road kill”…are you gagging yet?

This weekend, we are wrapping up our series, UNSINKABLE, by listening to Solomon as he pleads with us…the sweetest way to live our lives! Solomon shares with us how to live ~ so when we walk by others ~ they breathe deeply and smile versus squint their eyes, wrinkle their nose, and look away.

I cannot wait for our time together! I may even splash on some Drakkar Noir for the special occasion! I’m pretty sure Walgreens, CVS, or the Dollar Store still carries it:)

See ya soon,
Pastor Ken

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