Friday, February 15, 2013

Where No Man Has Gone Before...unraveling the secrets of the female mind...

Dear Cypress,

SHORT VERSION = My wife, Serena, and I are sharing a little bit of our journey with you this weekend. I can hardly wait to dive into everything we’ve been working on over the last few days.

LONG VERSION = In my planning for week three of our Great SEXpectations series, my spiritual gift of discernment kicked into overdrive as I came to the realization that I might be in over my head on this one…I NEED HELP! Week three is all about unraveling the secrets of the female mind…what does she really mean? After Serena agreed that I needed assistance with this one, I quoted Genesis 2:18 and asked her for HELP! Serena said yes and, after I tweeted she was going to be “our guest speaker,” she was locked in:)

Seriously, I am really looking forward to this weekend. We have been married more than 20 years and I am still “learning” about the female mind. Serena will share some of the discoveries she has made along her own journey. I believe this weekend’s service (and message) will be a great encouragement to all women, no matter what their current relational status may be. I know the men will be reminded and enlightened, as I was, about the uniqueness of the female mind.

This would be a great weekend to invite a friend…go ahead and take the risk.

See ya soon,
Ken … and Serena

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