Friday, October 16, 2015

The excitement is building for this...

I have been looking forward to this weekend with great anticipation. We are doing something I have never done, nor have I ever been an eye witness to…Open Baptism. To be honest, it excites and concerns me all at the same time.

Why it concerns me…

- I like to plan ahead and know what to expect

- I want to be sure people understand what they are doing and why

- I have no idea what is really about to happen

Why it excites me…

- Because I have no idea what is really about to happen

- Because we are following God’s lead and prompting on this

- Because we are teaching God’s truth and then giving people an opportunity to respond…like, right now

- Because I believe we will be eye witnesses to miracles and the celebration of life change like never before!

Come ready to connect, to worship, to encourage, to respond…to celebrate CHANGED LIVES for Christ!

I’m praying and believing this will be one that we all remember for a long time.

See you this weekend,
Pastor Ken

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