Friday, February 20, 2015

YOU ASKED...check out some of the questions being covered this weekend!

This weekend we are wrapping up our current series, YOU ASKED FOR IT. We’ll be discussing topics like these:

- Can a Christian drink alcohol and go to “R” rated movies?
- If an ax murderer “gives his life” to Jesus right before the electric chair, does he go to heaven?
- Does the Bible mention dinosaurs?
- How old is the earth and does it matter?
- It’s so cold…do you think H--- has frozen over? (kidding- I just made that one upJ)

I hope you will make weekend worship a priority. I always look forward to celebrating communion, singing together of God’s greatness and grace, and stretching ourselves to become more and do more according to His design.

Love ya and hope to see you soon,
Pastor Ken

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