Friday, October 17, 2014

Who won the last five World you remember?

If you like Cracker Jacks, then you will love this weekend at Cypress! Baseball playoffs are here and the post season intensity is heating up. One of the hottest teams in baseball, the Kansas City Royals, will be facing the San Francisco Giants in the World Series. It should be a fun, entertaining series to watch.

Everyone in baseball knows…
Singles are GOOD…
Doubles and Triples are BETTER…
But…Home Runs are the BEST!

As you've been taking a swing at life, how is it going?
Do you feel as if you’re hitting singles?
Are you struggling to make contact?
Do you feel as if you've been striking out?

This weekend, I will be teaching the clear path that scripture lays out for us where everyone can learn to HIT HOME RUNS IN LIFE! In a couple of years, HARDLY ANYONE will remember who won the 2014 World Series. But, EVERYONE you are close to, MANY you work with and ALL you serve will remember how you lived and influenced them.

Good, Better, Best…don’t settle…keep climbing

See you soon,
Pastor Ken

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