Friday, December 13, 2013

A Game Changer...

In sports, there are times during a game when you feel the momentum shifting and it might just take one play for you to say to yourself, “That was a game changer.” You watch movies and sense, based upon the rapid heartbeat and dialogue between characters, that a particular moment is “a game changer” in the film.

CHRISTMAS is a Game Changer…if we will recognize it for what it truly is.

This weekend’s will be the most personal Christmas message I have ever taught. To be honest, there have been moments where tears have filled my eyes as I think about what I am going to share. Tears not only because it is so personal but also because I believe strongly about certain things that happened. Consider this fair warning for those (like myselfJ) who have been known to “get something caught in your eye” from time to time.

Far more important than my personal story, I also believe this weekend may prove to be one of the most memorable times we have shared together for a completely different reason. There’s a special plan unfolding and YOU are included. Don’t miss this weekend –you’ll want to play your part in the greatest story the world has ever heard!

Last thing…this weekend is COATS FOR KIDS at Cypress. Bring a kid-sized coat (size 4-14), hats, mittens, and gloves with you to church. We have partnered with elementary schools in six local school districts to give the gift of warmth this Christmas! Bring the items into the worship center before service…there will be coat racks with hangers.

Every time we get together for worship, it’s special. However, from time to time, I know there is something extra special in the spirit of expectation…this is going to be one of those weekends.

See you soon, Pastor Ken

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