Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Weekend Recap!

I am so excited and thankful about what God is up to, that I had to write a recap from the weekend! Since this past weekend when we announced some initiatives to fulfill our vision, 16 people have come to Christ!

Here's the recap of the Four Initiatives we have been praying about and spending time listening to God’s leading and direction, in the coming year.

  1. We want to see more people come to faith in Christ and be baptized than we’ve ever seen before.
  2. We will develop and support more local community partnerships that make a difference where people live.
  3. We will see more people connect to a place where they can grow and be cared for (a small group) and to a place where they can make a difference (a serving team).
  4. We will launch our next campus this year...Cypress Grove City! (read my blog on why and how we do campuses at Cypress -

What stood out to me from the weekend?
  • We are going to be used by God to be a part of something great for Him which includes more and more people coming to Christ and taking steps to follow Him in Columbus, Ohio!

    God made each and every person on purpose and for a purpose. (Ephesians 2:10) Twenty-four hours after the Grove City campus announcement, there were over 70 families already interested in joining the campus!

    Are you ready and willing to be used by God?

  • People are ready to respond to Christ.
    One of my highlights from the weekend was when two younger men (in their early 20’s) walked to the front after a service and one of them said, “I’m ready to give my life to Christ- could you help me with that?” My response was, “Yes I can!” I shared the message of Christ, what it means to be a follower of Christ and then I had the privilege of praying with this young man as he crossed over from death to life! (John 3:16)

    AND Monday night at Discover Cypress, 15 PEOPLE turned to Christ to trust their life to him and commit to become a follower! (Acts 2:47)

    Who are you inviting to a Cypress campus? Who are you inviting to join your small
    group? Who are you leading in your small group?

  • People respond when you ask them to join you.
    I loved hearing Debbie's story this past weekend. If you missed it, be sure to listen Debbie's Story. Yes, Debbie took steps, opened herself up to God and has been on an amazing spiritual journey. But what if Kelly had never invited Debbie to church? What if Kelly had stopped inviting after the first time? Debbie said it quickly, but did you catch it…Kelly invited her for OVER A YEAR before she said yes! Why would Kelly do that? Because she loved her friend. The next person who played a significant role in Debbie’s story, Barb. Barb said, "Why don’t you join me on the team I serve with?" That's all it took and the rest is history.

    Where is God calling you and using you to serve at Cypress, and in our community, to lead people to Christ and provide steps to follow Him?

The best is yet come,
Pastor Ken

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