Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Picture this with me: a mother has her "little guy," about four or five years old, with her in "big" church. Mom also brought coloring books, cars, Transformers and crackers with her, all in an attempt to keep her little guy occupied during adult worship. Do you know where I am going with this? Do you want the short story of how this turned out? It didn’t work out very well. Her little guy would have been a lot happier and entertained in his own class and mom probably could've heard a lot more, too. 

Let me share 4 Big Reasons Why Kids Should Go To Kid's Church:

  1. We believe Jesus Christ is so important that we want kids to hear and experience Him and His love in a way that connects with them! Cypress invests a lot and our Cypress Kids team works very hard to creatively capture the hearts and minds of children and teach them to follow Christ. I promise, your child will truly benefit a whole lot more in their own age appropriate class than in an adult service. In fact, we have some kids who ask to attend Cypress Kid’s services more than once a weekend (mine being one of them). Now, that's pretty incredible if you ask me. Also, we've invested a lot into the safety of your child. We have a system where the person who drops the child off is the only one able to pick the child up. In addition, we have police officers walking our halls during all services and monitoring our kid's area and our volunteers have all gone through an interview process, training and background check.
  2. Consider this, when you want to think, listen well and take time for yourself, do you like distractions going on around you? I don't. One hour, once a week of adult worship, is your uninterrupted time to worship God and be challenged on what step He wants you to take. If you are taking care of your kids and trying to keep them quiet, you really aren’t giving God the undivided attention He deserves. Parenting is hard work, and you need an opportunity to be filled up through worship and the teaching of God’s word during the one hour adult service. Believe me, this will help you be a great parent the other 167 hours of the week!
  3. Also, that one hour is your time to worship and the other 167 hours are available for you to worship as a family because really everything we do is worship! I promise you that your kids are going to notice your priorities and they will model what you do. Can you imagine someday hearing your grown child say, "My mom and/or dad made it a priority to worship God so he or she took me to church every week where I could understand Jesus' love for me. Now, I am making the choice to raise my children the same way"? I promise it can happen with God's help!
  4. One more thing to please consider: if you were at the movies and there was a child walking around, making noise and talking to his or her parent, would you be distracted and maybe a little upset that you couldn't hear? I would and it’s just a movie! In church we are talking about the Love and Hope of Jesus Christ, which is the most important thing in the world. A couple weeks ago as I was looking into the faces of the people sitting in one of our services, I felt like God impressed more than ever to me that we are the church and we offer the hope of the world…to the couple sitting there who I know is struggling in their marriage…to the mom two rows in front of that couple whose husband just walked out the door a few days earlier…to another woman who had just made the decision to stop chemo treatments for her fast growing cancer. And as I looked into the eyes of others, it was evident they were deeply in need of a touch from God. 
I understand it can be difficult to leave your child with kid’s ministries. Serena and I are raising three boys and these are things that have helped us:
  • Volunteer to serve in an area of Cypress Kids to become more familiar and comfortable with the incredible, fun, clean and safe learning environment we provide.
  • Remember, a healthy, growing you is one of the greatest gifts you can ever provide for your kids. That starts with taking the time to be alone with God.
  • Miss Angie, Miss Heidi, Miss Vicki, Mr. Dylan and all our wonderful Cypress Kids
    volunteers would love to help your child get connected in Cypress Kids Ministry. We want to partner with you in raising your child to follow Christ. Let's all do our part!

Thanks for being part of the Cypress family,
Pastor Ken

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