Thursday, December 3, 2015

How can one person possibly make a difference in this world?

We’ve been talking a lot in recent months about the threefold nature of why we exist as a church. We’ve even gone to the lengths of boiling down our purpose into three easy to remember words: COME ~ CONNECT ~ CHANGE.

We want to live in such a way as to compel people to simply COME as they are to see and experience all of who God is for them.

We believe it is all about right relationships with God and others in this thing called life. So the second thing we long for is to see people CONNECT…connect in meaningful ways that draw them closer to Christ in a personal relationship and to also draw them out of isolation and into transforming friendships.

The third word in our mission is what makes it complete- CHANGE. Anything short of the experience of this means we have not completed our work…and that is to see Christ facilitate LIFE CHANGE as only He can! As our lives are changed, we long to see marriages and families change. As families experience real life change, we long to see our local schools and communities change and eventually we realize we are simply doing our small part to help change the world for Jesus…one person, one life, one conversation, one act of kindness at a time.

Christmas is without question the most likely time of the year when people who do not generally go to church are open to attend. The number one reason why they might attend…because someone they know INVITED THEM!

We have been and will continue to pray that people will be invited and feel compelled to COME to one of our Christmas services this year. We pray that when they arrive, they will CONNECT in a special way and feel welcomed, all so that one day they will respond to the greatest gift the world has ever known…the love, grace and hope of Jesus Christ. We pray that through that, their life and purpose may CHANGE in ways they never even dreamed possible.

You really do play an invaluable role in one of the greatest celebrations and miracles this Christmas season - that of a truly changed life for Christ.

Please do your part:
  • Extend simple invitations
  • Pray the Lord does what only He can do

Join us this weekend as we kick off the Christmas season with a service of music and celebration – A Weekend in December!

Merry Christmas,
Pastor Ken

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