Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I just had the most interesting conversation...

I briefly met a guy a month or so ago who asked if we could sit down and talk sometime. My responsibilities as Senior Pastor do not allow a great deal of time for me to meet individually with people but, as we talked, I sensed the Holy Spirit’s gentle whisper saying, “Make time for this guy.” Today was the first time both of our schedules lined up.

My new friend described himself as a “reluctant atheist” who has been faithfully attending Cypress for the past two years. He said during these past two years he has missed maybe four weekends but caught up online the very next week (funny side note- this shows again how “powerful” my preaching is that this guy has not missed a week in two years and still considers himself an atheist
J). We had a great conversation about his spiritual journey and questions that are arising in his mind. I recommended a couple of books he may enjoy reading as he continues down his spiritual path of discovery and I told him we will meet again in a month or two after he rolls through the reading list I provided.

As he left my office, I was reminded again…it’s ALL ABOUT THE HARVEST!

P.S. He also thanked me for letting him off the hook on tithing since he doesn’t believe yet, but he did want me to know he brought in a backpack! I told him that was awesome and we are so thankful he is here and a part of what’s happening.

P.S.S. I leave you with this…SMILE EXTRA BIG this weekend when you come to church…you just might rub shoulders with or end up sitting next to “our reluctant atheist” who is searching for answers and truth to the biggest questions of life- God may use you to plant a seed


  1. May I ask what books you recommended for him?
    Thank you in advance!

  2. That's so great.... God is using you for a mighty purpose... thanks for being faithful.... I pray for you and your ministry often...