Monday, April 21, 2014

My Top Reflections from EASTER 2014

1. I’m incredibly thankful for the hundreds of volunteers who served faithfully and joyfully to allow us to experience #CypressEaster 2014. You are the “behind the scene” heroes who help us do what we do…REACH, GROW, SERVE and CONNECT PEOPLE CLOSER TO CHRIST AND ONE ANOTHER! Thank you!

2. THERE WERE 345 FIRST-TIME DECISIONS TO STEP ACROSS THAT LINE OF FAITH AND BEGIN A RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS CHRIST! Every service, at both campuses, saw first-time decisions! #partyinheaven

3. I’m thankful for a meaningful talk with Peyton (our ten year old) at bedtime because of all that HE EXPERIENCED IN KID’S CHURCH! Thank you to Kathy George and her team for pouring into my kids (and all the others who are here each and every week).

4. I’m thinking of a family (a mom and three kids) who has been listening online but decided to drive 3½ hours, each way, to attend the 6pm service on Alton Darby Campus in person!

5. Gooey Butter Cake! (sorry, these are my reflections…just keeping it real).

6. I’m thinking about a family I heard of…it took them 40 minutes to get out of our Alton Darby Campus parking lot (so sorry, not good). I’m thankful we had four sheriff deputies to help move traffic and control the lights, and very thankful that we will have a new exit, near the cemetery, by next Easter.

7. I’m thankful for our new church staff members and their families who have joined us since last Easter. Jody, Ron, Nate, and Heidi, you add so much to our ability to REACH, GROW, SERVE and CONNECT PEOPLE TO CHRIST AND ONE ANOTHER.

8. I’m thankful for the people who affirmed, with tears in their eyes, that they met Christ in a significant way.

9. 7,376 attended Easter services…we’ve never had more on Easter!

10. I’m thankful for all of you who PRAYED and INVITED in preparation for the celebration.

11. I’m thankful I don’t have to wait until next Easter to celebrate again with my church family. I’m also thankful TODAY, TOMORROW & FOREVER…THE TOMB IS EMPTY AND JESUS IS ALIVE! That’s strength for today and a bright hope for tomorrowJ

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  1. Our thanks go out to you too Ken. For your mastery at getting his word out to the 7376 wonderful people who came out to such an awe inspiring service.