Friday, October 18, 2013

How GREEDY are you?

There are some sins in life that are much easier to spot in others than in ourselves. This weekend, we continue our series, TOXICemotions that kill from the inside out… by looking at the devastating effects GREED can have on life and relationships.

Greed is slippery. Greed often masks itself as being ultra “spiritual.” Greed is also very similar to anger...there is often a story from our past associated with its starting point in our life.

The good news…we are not alone. Scripture is full of people who struggled with greed from the beginning of time. The best news…Christ again provides clear teaching on the steps we need to take to break free from this deadly toxin. He provides His promise to walk with us each day as we continue to journey to become the people He designed us to be.

We live in a consumer-driven culture that thrives on fueling greed. Come this weekend and learn how to live in this world, but not be tied to it.

Can’t wait to worship with you,
Pastor Ken

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